Checked out of our hotel this morning en route for Dublin via Kylemoor Abbey, where we returned for another look - hoping the weather would be better today.  As it turned out the weather was the same, but Kylemoor is such a beautiful spot that it looks equally charismatic when swathed in autumn mists.  There are some quirky sculptures to discover as you wander through the grounds and of course I was particularly taken by these playful sheep!

Then on to Dublin, a four hour car ride in the driving rain, arriving early evening at our hotel.  We needed to stretch our legs so went for a walk and stumbled on Oscar Wilde in all his louche glory, peering through the trees on the corner of Merrion Square.  A fine sculpture hewn out of natural-coloured stone, Oscar's spirit lives on, surprising passing visitors with his quizzical gaze.  

Lovely walk along the canal, especially as the sun came out, bathing the elegant Georgian architecture in sunshine. Our programme is jam-packed tomorrow, it's fifteen years since we last visited Dublin so we need to see what's new.  Would dearly love to follow my nose, do some people watching over a cup of coffee and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Ireland's capital city in a leisurely way, but duty calls and we'll be dashing around, first stop the Book of Kells.


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