What's cooking?

Had a morning in the kitchen, I like to use this time to mull over ideas for new designs - literally cooking time.  Made squash and lentil soup,  my own recipe which is a movable feast, plus Yotam Ottolenghi's Squash & Tahini Spread, one of his recipes in the Guardian today.  Lovely day, warm and sunny - the garden has an autumnal glow, tall white Japanese anemones,  acid blue petunias, dusky hydrangeas, golden black-eyed Susans and bright orange nasturtiums amongst the red/green of the turning leaves - an absolute riot of colour.  Last night it was warm and balmy till midnight and felt like summer had finally arrived!  Hope it stays a while.
PS  After I took the picture of the soup I dropped the camera in it - caused a bit of a splash!


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