Inis Mor, Aran Islands

Been a very full exciting day today - farewell to Galway and off early to drive to Rossveal for the ferry to the Aran Islands.  Weather smiled upon us and the crossing was a little bumpy but nothing we couldn't deal with.  Arriving an hour later, the ferry was met by many minibuses ready to take us tourists to all the must-see spots on the island.  Our driver and guide was Gabriel, who grew up on Inis Mor and he regaled us as he drove with fascinating insights into island life.  He quickly took us up to Kilmurvy, a tiny but very pretty settlement where we met several Aran knitters.

Dun Aonghasa, a prehistoric hill fort presides over the landscape here, perched perilously atop the sea cliffs.  Look carefully and you can see me half way up the cliff.
From the top of the fort it's definitely next stop Boston!  Very scary - there are no rails or warnings, so you have to watch every step.

Then back along the coast, visiting the seven churches, where there are some beautiful celtic crosses (inspiration for future cables), passing the seal colony on the way.  The boat below is a curragh, a tarred canvas boat used by the fishermen.

It was a fabulous day and we enjoyed a quick glass of Guinness whilst waiting for the ferry back.

En route from the ferry to Letterfrack, our next destination in the Westernmost point of Ireland, we lost our way and ended up on an island and only turned back when the only option was the ocean! Eventually found our beautiful manor house hotel an hour and a half later after driving through the most amazing lakeland scenery up the West coast.  The hotel overlooks the only fjiord in Ireland and it was just what we needed - a tranquil place to settle into as the winds where starting to howl again.  Despite the winds and driving rain which pounded the windows all night, we had no problem sleeping and woke refreshed to a typical misty moisty morning of heathery colours on the mountains and autumn tints in the trees (view from our window below).  We're now deep in the Gaeltacht - the Irish-speaking community.


  1. I loved the Aran Islands when I was there. Even though I'm Irish and know that the 'aran tradition'is as much marketing as it is traditional I was very tempted to buy a jumper, but in the end time didn't allow it.


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