More Yarn Will Do The Trick!

Long day today.  Izzi and Ava, my two darling grand-daughters, visited in the afternoon and we had a lovely time in the park - and it was sunny today!  Hadn't seen the girls for over two weeks, so the cuddles felt extra good. Later our kitten went walkabout again.  This time a kind neighbour retrieved him from another tree in another garden, having been chased by another dog. Django is taking a long time to realise that dogs chase cats and it's a cat's main job to avoid them at all costs!  He's a very friendly, unsuspecting little soul who is totally terrified when he meets an adversary (like a dog!) - and unfortunately he still hasn't got the hang of the cat flap!  Morning spent trying to catch up with work, two people signed up for our Lakes & York tour, have got several designs cogitating but am wondering if they'll be in any sort of coherent form to submit to The Knitter before the deadline on Monday.  The design process is so oblique - 20% inspiration, 30% cooking time and 50% hard graft.  That's not to underplay inspiration, it's just that the grind of realising the original vision is so often overlooked.  It's late now and I've got my feet up watching a programme on the acoustic guitar When Rock Goes Acoustic.  Think I need a parallel life to indulge my passion for the guitar.  Just love, love love it but there aren't enough hours in a day.  Song writing is amazing therapy though and has always been my catharsis in tough times.  My excuse for not producing many songs in recent years is that life has been too easy.  Will close now with the chorus of More Yarn Will Do The Trick, from my CD for textile lovers:

Don't listen to trouble
Don't give way to fears
Purl away your problems
Knit away your tears
Visit a local yarn store
It's therapy if you're sick
Why pay shrinks and doctors
When more yarn will do the trick!


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