Ooooooh, a frisson of excitement as I saw the Fedex van pull up outside this morning.  The final edit of Sweet Shawlettes has begun and I'm soooo pleased with it!  I don't feel like this about all my books, a feeling of dread often comes over me when I'm about to open the parcel and I often feel disappointment and frustration that my original vision has been diluted, sometimes almost exterminated.   In The Mood and Wandering Spirits were welcome exceptions where I found myself in the fantastic position of being able to deliver the whole book on disk print-ready.  I loved the whole process and it certainly made me understand what goes into making a book.

But I digress... back to Sweet Shawlettes.  The Taunton Press have been great to work with and they've done a fabulous job.  So I'd like to preview some of the designs  before publication in January.  I'll use images I took in my studio for reference, and not the pics from the book as there's got to be some surprises.  This one's called Bess and it's from the Folk chapter, inspired by the exquisite Tudor neck ruffs worn by Elizabeth 1.  Knit in Rowan Silk Twist, a gorgeously lustrous blend of silk and wool with a smattering of superkid mohair.  The corrugated rib will get you up to speed for future Fair Isle projects -  the picot frill adds the finishing touch.


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