Dublin alive alive-o!

Up early this morning and wandered along fairly empty dublin streets to see Molly Malone before the crowds got there.  Then along to Bewley's, where we sat back and enjoyed the bustling ambiance, the magnificent stained glass windows and the excellent coffee and croissants.

Then on to local yarn store - This is Knit.  Thankfully we arrived just as it was opening, as five minutes later the whole place was a hive of activity, both with customers and a class in progress.  It's a very well-stocked store and Jackie, one of the owners, showed me the new Studio Donegal (aka Kilcarra ) yarn, a gorgeous merino 2-ply (knits on 4mm as DK), with all the fabulous Donegal tweed colours.  My eyes lit up - I'm SO looking forward to getting it on my needles and trying it out.  

Jackie also presented me with a copy of Carol Feller's new book, Contemporary Irish Knits.  Carol is doing a workshop for us on Knit Ireland, and used the new merino yarn in one of the projects (Rossbeg, a pretty little girl's cardy) and I must say the stitch definition looks fabulous.  Carol's book is the story of her own personal knit journey and showcases the Irish yarn mills and hand dyers who have been instrumental in inspiring her work.  There are lots of great pictures and the book offers twenty projects, each with a new take on cabling.  I'm saving it up for when we get back home, when I can snuggle down in front of the fire, glass of wine in hand and enjoy it.

Reluctantly we had to leave the friendly knit haven that is This is Knit, but not before arranging a Knit & Natter session when we return on the tour.

Next the Book of Kells, truly amazing, a must-see and great inspiration for cabled knits - they must have had incredibly good eyes in those days, the mere thought of having to create something that small sends my eyes into blurry panic!

Book of Kells
Watching the match in O"Donoghue"s
Can't finish today without mentioning that it was the All Ireland football final between Dublin and Kerry.  This is a game we'd never seen before, a cross between rugby, soccer with a bit of basketball thrown in.  We were helpfully enlightened by a local on the scoring and a few rules.  Apparently Kerry were expected to win and it was an exciting final with Dublin emerging victorious in the end - there'll be much carousing and rejoicing around the bars tonight!


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