Page Eight

Watched the thriller Page Eight last night.  David Hare, Bill Nighy and Michael Gambon - an irresistible combination.

Just said goodbye to the Fedex man and the final edit of Sweet Shawlettes is now winging its way to the US, I hope.

Not had a lot of time to do any personal knitting recently - a shawl for my mother on the go and I've always got a baby blanket on my needles as there seems to be so many little ones being born right now.  I'll be taking my Baby Love Blanket, which has a secret shadow knit heart in the centre, off to Ireland next week.  We're doing a reccy for our upcoming tour next September, so starting next Tuesday I'll be blogging my way from Shannon, through the ring of Kerry and the Burren, across to Inis Mor in the Aran Isles, over to Dublin, down to Killarney, on to the Dingle and back again to Shannon. Off into town now to buy Euros ... exciting!


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