Eine kleine knit music.

Rediscovered the Knitting Song this morning whilst editing the website and fell in love with it all over again.  Written by Ashley Hutchings and Jo Hamilton, I first heard it a couple of years back at the Early Music centre in York, when their band, Rainbow Chasers, did a gig there.

Jo playing air piano
Jo Hamilton's debut album Gown

Jo and fellow band member, Ruth Angell, are both avid knitters.  Have a listen - Jo's beautiful voice is haunting and fragile at the beginning, building up to a lively crescendo at the end with some fine fiddle playing.   Jo is now working solo and her gig for us last year on our Devon & Bath tour was a highlight of the tour.  She's just released a special edition of Gown, featuring one of her greatest songs, Think of Me.  Here she is at Dartington Hall playing air piano, apparently the first one in the world!


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