In The Pink!

Was reminded of this design (aka Blackberry Ice-cream) from my back catalogue yesterday when someone ordered a kit.  It was featured in Knitting magazine way back in 2005 and I love the way the cables continue beyond the edges.  Made a note to develop this idea further.  It's always too tempting to rush on to the next design without fully exploring all the possibilities of the previous one, so a stroll down memory lane is like seeing afresh all the things I've found really inspiring in the past.  There's always a different angle in terms of yarns, silhouettes, stitches etc, but unfortunately I think I'd need another lifetime to review every design!  My aesthetic is one of the few things that remains core-constant (though still evolving) -  with all else I'm open to persuasion, except on my longtime devotion to vegetarianism.  I must have hundreds of designs sitting on the shelves in my studio all waiting to be rediscovered - in fact the sheer volume makes me feel ancient!  However, on the positive side it provides me with my own pattern library that I have instant access to.

Just have to mention one more thing, totally unrelated to anything except to those, like me, who are Strictly addicts.  My friend, Cathryn, and her sister were in the audience last Saturday...yayyyyyyyyy!

I'm green with envy, wouldn't you just love to be there with all the razamataz - the sets,  the dresses, the judges (especially Craig and Bruno), and of course the fabulous dancers and dancing.  Cathryn tells me that Russell Grant was the absolute best.  Something at the back of my mind tells me he's from York - I vaguely remember his shop on Stonegate till it closed a few years ago.  So come on Russell, we'll all be rooting for you in York.  Sorry to see Edwina Curry go, she's a good sport, I thought the hopeless Nancy Dell' Olio should have gone.


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