Banishing the blues.

Not a good time to get a cold and definitely not the head banging sort.  I love this time of year, the run-up to Christmas with Halloween, Bonfire Night and many family birthdays in between.  There's some serious partying to do but right now I just don't feel up to it.  Unfortunately I'm the type of person who never looks ill, so unless I take to my bed which I rarely do, no-one really takes me seriously.  

So a super-human effort is required to knock this cold on the head before this evening when we're off out to supper at the home of good friends Mark and Janet.  We don't see them often so can't let this dreaded lurgy stand in the way of a chance to catch up.  Can't miss tomorrow's bonfire party either...  some serious recovering to do over the next few hours.
Started my therapy with some big-time comfort food last night - veggie bangers and mash.  Have to say  I could live on potatoes - must be something to do with the Irish in me - but I try to make it healthy by adding carrots, swede and mustard (good for colds) and a clove of garlic (another ace cold enemy) to the mash. Had supper with Hilde, our lovely Norwegian guest who's staying this week as part of a tradesunionists group, here in York to improve their English.  Didn't feel up to going out after supper with her so I curled up in front of the fire with my knitting (zip-up-the-back baby sweater for Lyra, our little grand-daughter), and watched Question Time instead.
Ava, wearing another zip-up-the-back-sweater
Philip though was pleased to be let off yet another evening of me and my cold and accompanied Hilde to The Golden Ball pub where a fabulous time was had by all - good beer and great music. The band was Moonshine Creek and from what I can gather played mainly American roots and rebel songs, thrilling the Norwegian group by playing The Strawbs Part of the Union.

However, back on my health quest today, I've only got eight hours to recover so off to see if there's any vitamin C in the bathroom cupboard.


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