Golden Ball

Great evening at the Golden Ball pub last night - real ale (we drank Timothy Taylor and Tiger) and good time roots and rebel music from Moonshine Creek - have a listenTear it down by Moonshine Creek
Finished another shadow knit baby blanket last week and have been meaning to send it off to the latest new arrival in the extended family.  Why is it that things are easier to knit than to post?  There's always something else I've got to do when it comes to putting it in a bag and getting it to the post office.  Is it just me or is there a syndrome in there?  The little one will be six months old before he gets the blanket at this rate!

Thought I'd tempt you with a few more projects from In The Mood. The giveaway ends at midnight tomorrow (GMT) so don't be shy, leave a comment (on yesterday's page) and get in the draw. 

The hat and scarf combo is Skat, inspired by music  - I know, I know, in the States not a good title as it has other meanings (if you haven't come across them, better not to know). I must have led a sheltered life and just thought it was a good name for the two-in-one design. The ribbed vest is Wicked from the Food chapter, an easy knit that can be worn upside down for the longer version with smaller collar. Lastly there's Passion, a little shawlette from the Love chapter.

Looking forward to hearing from you - designing is lonely work and since I started the blog, it's been great to have some feedback.


  1. I love that concertina prop to your lovely and innovative garment photo! You'd do well to do that with all of them (fiddles, mandolins, pennywhistles, bagpipes, etc). Something that I might do too (I have some kilt hose posed with penny whistle...what a coincidence !) Jean, I go venture to give you the link to my music blog/website here (shameless self-promotion)as that music seems to be our second biggest if not first common thread shared (it's quiet there too) I love the fact that you are a 'knit-picker' like me. ;)


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