Knitting and Stitching gems

Had an interesting if fleeting visit to the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching show yesterday.  The weather was awful, gusty winds, driving rain on the way from York, but this didn't stop the thousands of crafters who turned up.  Suffice it to say it was mega busy.  It's always good to see what's there, not much opportunity to chat to people though as so much business was happening - which is great!

Being the grandmother of three little girls, I always make a beeline for Bombay Stores, where I can stock up on glamorous and glitzy scarves for the dressing up box and be sure it won't break the bank.  There's so much to see that it's all a bit overwhelming and I'm sure I didn't see it all.  However, I loved the student work and the other exhibitions - Mary Sleigh's  gorgeous African Textiles & Beadwork was pure joy. Take a look at the link as there were too many people to get any decent photos.

Another interesting exhibition was Materialistics of South Tyneside's knitted and crocheted versions of iconic paintings, created co-operatively by people of different levels of expertise in knitting and crochet (see above).

Winner of the student textile awards

A fabulous afternoon with inspiration in abundance - so good to see such a thriving crafting community. We would have finished it off with a cuppa in Bettys afterwards, but the queue was snaking around the block and it's not my idea of fun to be standing outside freezing on a cold November day, when home beckons only half an hour's drive away.  Harrogate was looking her twinkly best though, decidedly elegant in her Xmas finery.

We're lucky to be spoilt for choice when it comes to Bettys. As it's on the doorstep we can pick a time when it's not so crowded, choosing from York, Harrogate or, my favourite, visit the RHS gardens at Harlow Carr where in summer you can sit outside with your cuppa overlooking the gardens and feast on their famous cakes and pastries.

Back home in time for Strictly, which I have to admit to being completely and utterly addicted - give me half a chance and I'd be there, even if it was only sewing on sequins!  Sasha was feeling a bit more like her old self so a tasty takeaway was ordered from the local Indian at the top of the road, a perfect no-stress end to a very full-on day.


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