The Material World

Martin Scorcese's film George Harrison: Living in the Material World was a must-see last night.  Can't wait to see the final part tonight, catch it if you can at 9pm.  I was never too fussed about George, who always seemed to be overshadowed by the two main songwriters in The Beatles.  For me if you could mix John's edgy wit and artistic temperament with Paul's musicality and veggie lifestyle you'd have the whole package.

However, I took more notice of George after reading Eric Clapton: The Biography. The book delivered few real insights into the life of one of world's all-time great guitaristsother than to reveal what an unlikeable character he is (or has been), but did offer a glimpse into his enduring friendship with George Harrison, despite Clapton going off with George's wife, Patti Boyd.

I'd always respected Clapton's guitar playing - totally zen, and his book made me see George's considerable contribution to the success of the Beatles in a different light.  The first part of Scorcese's documentary is a fabulous chronicle of an ordinary young man living through extraordinary times.  It's not about what you know or even who you know, you just have to be in the right place at the right time!


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