Turn on the heat!

Much as I love the autumn with its glorious hues and lovely light, I can't help hankering after a dose of sun when the deep dark days of winter beckon. So last night I had another look at our Knit Morocco pics and hey presto was immediately transported back there in a flash. It was like sitting under a sun lamp and I felt instantly warmer - might have been the G&T but I prefer to think otherwise - a great non-alcoholic tonic!
There's so much design inspiration there it's a joke. The senses are constantly bombarded with one thing after another - Morocco is full of surprises, when you think there can't be any more, the next fabulous image hits the retina.  It's impossible for any camera to truly do it justice, but willynilly we all still try to capture some of the magic.  

I'm guessing that you all need warming up right now - at least if you're in the northern hemisphere - so here's a selection of snaps to carry you off to a warmer place. But if you're still keen to get in the Moroccan mood,  follow the link to my Facebook page, where you'll find snaps from the whole trip - from Casablanca through Meknes, Fez, Marrakech and Essaouira, then back to Casablanca.
There's always so much preparation to be done for the tours, every detail is agonised over at length before deciding whether or not to include it, but it's such a bonus for us to try out all the hotels, restaurants, visits to knitters, spinners and dyers etc, a mini tour before-hand in fact!  I actually enjoy every minute of it.  I'm not saying we always get it right, but it's certainly not for lack of trying!

I love the very idea of a bunch of knitters (and sometimes non-knitters) getting together to share a holiday, and it's especially good to see new friendships being forged.  We like to think of our tours as one long house party where we can catch up with old friends and make new ones along the way.  It's such a great feeling to have many travellers who have returned again and again - we must be doing something right and it makes all the agonising worthwhile.
Can't wait for the next opportunity to get together. Lakes & York is coming up next May, when I'll be opening my studio for a knit and natter.  We've done this tour several times and people seem to love the contrast between the dramatic landscapes of the beautiful Lakes and the architectural splendour of medieval York.
Knit Ireland in September is already full, in fact the waiting list for the next one (as yet date undecided) is nearly full, but if you're a knitter and fancy a fabulous time with kindred spirits then I'm sure you won't find a better place for indulging your passion.  So come and join in the fun next May - there's even an early bird discount of 5% if you book before 15th December!


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