Holiday knitting

Was looking for an easy project to wind down with during the long wintry evenings and couldn't find anything that fit the bill - I've always found it hard to make decisions.  I wanted an easy cardy in my favourite DK weight with contemporary detail.  I'd looked on Ravelry, where you're spoilt for choice with gorgeous designs but I just couldn't commit to any one particular pattern, then ping went my inbox informing me that Moonstone had been sold yet again.
Lightbulb moment!  After all my searching why don't I just knit one of my own designs!  It's ages since I knit anything for myself - I've usually got several swatches on my needles and sometimes a baby blanket, but I'm always focusing on the next design and rarely find time to revisit an old favourite.

Felt so excited and immediately went to find the yarn from the wool room. Although the original wool/silk yarn by Manos del Uruguay is gorgeous, I'm not a big fan of multi-coloured yarn in my knitting, I prefer to see the stitches, especially when there's a pattern in there. So I chose my favourite Rowan yarn, wool/cotton, a sumptuous solid in festive deep red to take off to Wales (flying visit) later today. Very Audrey don't you think?

Tis the time of year to be stressed out about Xmas knitting but amazingly I've got it sorted -  several different versions of a cowl from my new book using Rowan Silk Twist - a quick knit in luxuriously soft wool, super kid mohair and silk blend. Job done. Now only have to find some fabulous buttons to finish them off with.

Trying not to give myself any deadlines, but if I can finish Moonstone in time I can wear it on Christmas day.  What am I saying, why do I do this to myself, my New Year's resolution has got to be to become a process, not a project knitter!

PS  Xmas offer in my Ravelry store - three for the price of two patterns.  Check it out.


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