Problem solved!

Thanks to Xanthe for sending me the most marvellous link for Blogger tips and tricks - I know now not to use Dynamic Views and everything seems immediately brighter - whew!
Sunday morning and I feel fit for nothing.  After sleepless night, half spent wandering around in the cold looking for our mischievous five-month-old kitten who'd gone walkabout. Of course Arlo walked back in this morning oblivious, none the worse for his first cold night out on the tiles.  I know, I know, that's what cats do, but it's just he doesn't usually go out and stay out, maybe it's his hormones kicking in! Maine Coons are notorious for their love of water and I thought I'd share with you Arlo's two favourite places - the loo cistern and the washing machine - if they're unavailable he'll sit in the sink!


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