Show of Hands

Still buzzing from last night's gig at the Opera House.  Show of Hands were on top form - great musicianship, stunning vocals, lights, sounds and songlist were just perfect, the best SOH gig yet.  Somehow they managed to create an intimate atmosphere despite the largish venue.
A video of the gig has just appeared on YouTube and if you listen carefully you can hear me joining in the chorus lustily!

As a colourist I particularly appreciated Miranda Sykes fabulous red hair framed against the backdrop of vivid azure blue.  Her unique contribution on double base and backing vocals is not to be underestimated.  I think she needs one of my shawlettes to snuggle into backstage in the draughty dressing rooms.  Note to self to send one off.  Perhaps Drift ...

Ever since I heard New York singer-songwriter Richard Shindell's superb song, You Stay Here, on the SOH Covers 2 CD, I've wanted to see him perform live and last night he certainly didn't disappoint.  He opened for SOH with a thoughtful, well crafted set, ending with another fabulous anti-war song, Arrowhead. 

For this he brought on an amazingly talented zen mandolin player, who probably played more notes on that one track than Richard did in his whole performance - not that it's a contest, just so you get the idea! 


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