Sweet Shawlettes est srrivé - piles of books, tofu and prezzies!

So exciting - my author copies of Sweet Shawlettes arrived yesterday in time to distribute before Christmas.  Yaaaay!!!  I wasn't expecting them till the New Year so I was utterly delighted when the postman arrived with one very heavy box.
The tofu is piled high in preparation for our veggie Xmas.  We'll be having lots of no-fuss dips and nibbles with stuffed peppers and baked tofu steaks on Xmas Eve, to give me a chance to finish off the wrapping (finish off is the understatement of the year, see the sad and lonely tree below!).  Is there anybody out there who enjoys wrapping?  If so I haven't found them yet.  Seems like one too many mountains to climb at this stage.  Being an avid recycler, I try to be mindful of the impact of my actions, reusing old wrapping paper whenever possible.
However, a prezzie is not a prezzie without its wrapping, so I shall dutifully if speedily wrap each one, whilst endeavouring to make the task more appealing by sitting on the floor under the tree by the fire with a glass or two of a favourite tipple.  Surprisingly this happens to be water at the moment, strange I know but you can have too much of a good thing and I'm feeling like a dried out prune and have an urgent need to rehydrate.
Have got a long way to go yet!
The menu on the day itself is usually much of a muchness every year.  We have a chestnut roast and a large puff pastry pie of tofu, sage and vegetables to replace the turkey, served with the usual trimmings of stuffing, apple sauce, brussel sprouts, roast veggies etc.

I love celebrations, the coming together of people in a common cause, but I have to admit I find the excesses and commercialism of Xmas ultimately depressing.  Being a knitter helps as it's gratifying to be able to give handmade gifts as well as things from the kitchen like chutney and cakes.

I'm not a religious person, so Xmas is more about celebrating the solstice, looking forward to what the New Year might bring and reminding myself that we have to do better and try harder to make our planet a place where all people, regardless of creed, country or colour, can find peace, health and happiness.  Let's make it happen!


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