Wales photo essay & a taste of Hank Wangford!

We're about to leave for the four hour journey back to York and I can't believe I've hardly set foot in the garden.  Even the cats have been permanently huddled by the fire, only venturing outside when nature calls.  Today we've had sudden flashes of sun between the downpours, blink and you miss them, but I got so excited I had to rush outside with my camera.  The gale rages on, though I suspect it's done its worst by now, at least it's got light today!
Glimmer of light between downpours
Arlo examines the balance toy
Even the sheep look cold!

Django & Arlo - know how to keep warm!

Brave little fuchsias still blooming in December
Django gets some exercise!
Winter garden
Best view these past few days
Back to York for tomorrow's gig at The Shed.  It's their 19th annual Xmas party with Hank Wangford & the Lost Cowboys  - you can always be sure of a fun evening with lots of laughs!

Here's a sample with the wonderful Irma Cetas aka Melanie Harrold singing one of my favourite songs Love Has No Pride. According to Hank's website, his interest in country music came from befriending and playing with Gram Parsons, ex-Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers, in the seventies.

This was at a time when Hank - as Dr Sam Hutt - was a rock 'n roll doctor. Many of his patients were from the world of rock music and the hippie alternative world.  The Grateful Dead, the Who and the Rolling Stones were some of his clients.

When Gram Parsons came over to hang out in London with Keith Richards, Keith sent Gram with his wife to see Doctor Sam. Gram passed the country torch to Emmylou Harris and the Rolling Stones as well as to Doctor Sam.  Since then Hank has fronted a series of hot country bands, evangelically aiming for country non-believers.  Play on Hank!


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