Great to wake up in Wales.  No matter that it's a grey day, and the leaves are knee high in the garden,  I can see the sheep on the hillside from the bathroom window, there are no sounds other than the swishing of the stream and the odd weeeoo of a buzzard overhead, not a car to be seen - we could be a million miles from anywhere.

It's specially cosy in winter, hunkering down listening to the elements raging outside. I always bring lots of knitting, my guitar and laptop - I haven't yet been able to get rid of the separation anxiety that comes over me at the very thought of leaving it behind, but I'm working on it.

Recently we've (sorry Philip, mostly you) been setting up a blog tour for Sweet Shawlettes starting in January, on the US publication date. This is a totally new thing for me and SO exciting and I'm hugely grateful to all the bloggers who're happy to spread the word - a big thank-you to all of you.  There'll be giveaways, reviews, Q&As, conversations etc and I'm so looking forward to hearing your comments. Here's a peep at another of the designs.
Treasure is a pure silk jabot featuring entrelac and frills. I love pattern-on-pattern, and entrelac works well with frills to emphasize texture. However, despite looking intricate, this pattern is a straightforward knit once you get the hang of it. The frills are a movable feast - I’ve got three each end, but you can knit more or less, depending on how frivolous you’re feeling.

Taunton got the books in their warehouse yesterday, so they'll be sending out the review copies later this week and I really can't wait to be able to flip through it.  The Q&As are just starting to come in, I can cogitate on them whilst working in the garden - a great opportunity for multi-tasking!
As I write this it's just started to hail - that'll teach me to have a romantic view of the country!  Cats are skidding indoors and heading for the wood stove to dry off. I know I said they love water, but at the moment they're looking like drowned rats, there's nothing more pathetic than two drenched Maine Coons!

Must go and fill up the bird feeders, haven't seen any of the usual finches, tits and siskins this morning - must be horrible to be a bird in this weather.


  1. Wales looks just beautiful... Good luck with your new book.

  2. Good to hear from you Lydia. Hope you've received In The Mood. It was sent the day after I got your address. All my best, J

  3. I love the scarf. Do you have an individual pattern for it? The one that looks like entrelac but isn't.

  4. Treasure does use the entrelac technique and you can find the individual pattern in my Ravelry store at at


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