Xmas cake pics

As promised here's a pic of the finished Xmas cake from the recipe I posted a few days ago.  I've decorated this one earlier than usual as it's to give to a friend who's coming round later.  Note the cake's very own knitted shawlette!  Hope mine will spark off some great ideas for doing yours.  Send me some pictures, would love to see them. 

Had to include this picture of Django who thinks he's a part of the Xmas tree, it's become his favourite spot to view the world from.
Hope your holiday preparations are going smoother than mine are. Nearly there though, just need to go into town this afternoon for one last foray... I hope!


  1. Delicious looking cake and love the festive, cosy shawlette it's wearing. Django looks quite at home under the tree, my little Max (Jack Russell) found it very odd that a tree was coming into the house. I think he thought we had gone totally bonkers ;)
    Hope you and Philip have a lovely Christmas xx

  2. That is indeed the most beautiful thing I've seen lately. THe shawlette is just the coup de grace !


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