Xmas frenzy!

There's not been a chink recently, so much to do in such a short time now.  I think I'm suffering from SPD (seasonal panic disorder)!!!  I've just got to teach myself to be more Zen at Christmas,  what gets done gets done and the rest doesn't matter. Started two last minute holiday gifts, a zip-up-the-back sweater (available on Ravelry) and a couple of pairs of fingerless mittens.  These don't really stress me out as I love to wind down in front of the fire in the evening with a glass of wine (or even sherry or port at this time of year) and my knitting.  However, all the other little things which I haven't addressed drive me mad and it's made worse in our family by many birthdays also falling over the festive season.
Back minus zip and placket
 So... the to-do list gets longer by the day. Wrapping the prezzies, getting the last minute gifts once I've managed to sort through what I've already got, more food shopping, decorate the cake etc etc,  On the positive side, things I have done are bought the tree, decorated it, decked the halls and baked the cake. Made the garland - very simple,  eriobotrius leaves (big Greek medlars that they serve bletted -basically rotting - but which are delicious) with pomegranate slices dried in the oven and topped with the brilliant red/orange berries of iris foetidissima.  Thankfully most of the food shopping is done too in one large foray.
The problem is putting the pieces of the jigsaw together - work admin, holiday preparation and most importantly enjoying myself.  Tomorrow we have eight for supper, which is lovely and I'm really looking forward to it, catching up with friends I haven't seen for ages is always a treat.  But I don't think I'll be taking photos of the food which will have to be incredibly seasonal and simple as there's just no time to fuss about it.

Meant to make this a short post, apologies if it's a bit of a diatribe, can't you just feel the tension pouring out - blogging is a great catharsis!

Harry with glitter ball with girlfriend Izzy
Can't finish without congratulating Harry and Aliona on winning Strictly 2011 - it was great to see them hoist the glitter ball and on the night they were worthy winners.  Adieu Strictly - all those cold Saturday nights ahead without you, my heart is broken!


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