Django goes walkabout... again!

Completely stressed out this morning.  My mum has been quite poorly over the weekend so there's been much consulting with carers, doctors and the lady herself, trying to get things sorted.  On top of this Django had been missing for 24 hours and when there was still no sign of him when we got up today alarm bells started ringing.  I have a very fertile imagination and was imagining he'd been picked up and transported to some far flung place by cat slavers or worse still killed or injured on a road.

So first thing leaflet duly made, then posted through every letterbox in neighbourhood and all nearby sheds and garages checked.  Was feeling very dejected when the phone rang with a sighting, albeit from yesterday morning. Django had been spotted on the roof of a nearby garage complex.
Rushed round immediately, only to find it was locked.  Scream! Was turning to leave when I just thought I'd give the gate a little push and what do you know, it opened!  Luckily the lock was for show and not engaged at all.  However we found nothing inside the complex and turned round once more to leave.  I don't know why, but something made me look up and what should I see but a plaintive figure of a cat yowling at a first floor window, in a workshop built on top of the garages.  Yaaaay, we'd found him!

However, finding the owners of the workshop proved a little more difficult.  After much Sherlock Holmesing we located where they lived but obviously as it was mid-morning they were at work.  So plan B was put into place, a holding operation,  where we threaded food and water through the sliver of space beneath the door. We could hear Django wolfing the food down, so knew he must be OK.  After more detective work with help from kind neighbours, an assignation was eventually made for 4.30 this afternoon. Fingers and everything else crossed that he manages to stay put till then!
Staying close

Arlo's taken refuge in my knitting basket with some Araucania yarn
Can't decide whether or not Arlo has noticed his friend and mentor's absence.  But just in case he has and is feeling even half as anxious as I am,  he's getting a relaxing, if somewhat manic, stroke. I realise this is mainly to calm my own frayed nerves, which could do with a shot of horse tranquilliser or at the very least a stiff drink.
As there's work to be done strong coffee will have to suffice. I can hear you saying don't do it, reach for the camomile tea, but on the assumption it's impossible to get any more wired and also a bit of what you fancy does you good, I'm reaching for the coffee pot and a flip through the latest VK. More later when hopefully Django will be released and I will be a bit calmer...
ps just spoken to Mum's doctor who assures me she is perking up, maybe I'm on a roll here?
Long suffering with the ever assertive Arlo
Django latest... the dumb blond of the maine Coon world has now been rescued. The owner of the garage met us with the remote for the lock and of course Django immediately shot out with me having visions of him being squashed on the nearby road in the rush hour. However, Philip was too quick for him and rugby tackled him to the ground and placed him safely in the cat box. Whew! Meant to take pic of him at home post trauma (mine not his!) but he's sulking somewhere as the cat flap is firmly shut for now - enough dramas for today!  Found this one taken a few days ago with Arlo sitting on top of him. Maybe he was just looking for his own chair?
What's new?
pps Just found Arlo sitting on top of Django again. I knew he was missing him, though Django's probably missing the peace and quiet of his own private workshop/garage!


  1. Hope all has improved and kitty is home, Mum on the mend and caffeine digested! Meanwhile I'm madly planning this coming Christmas' gift knitting as I won a copy of "Sweet Shawlettes" from Knit 1 in Chicago! All my ladies will be amazed, then an Enigma for me!

    1. So glad Sweet Shawlettes had found another good home. If you eventually get any pictures of my knitted babies it would be great to see them.

  2. Phew! Glad he's back, safe and sound...looks like Arlo has taken on the role of a 'keeper in' type of bouncer, opposed to a 'chucker out-er'! Breathe and relax, breathe and...relax. Sue.


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