Guitar and banjo pickers

Short post today, my right shoulder has seized up and it's hell to type or even knit!  Woke up this morning with it, funny how these things hit you when you least expect them - or not. Probably I sit too long banging the laptop keys,  so maybe I've got a good excuse to do something else today.

Yesterday my friend,  Joanne Conklin, sent me a clip of Jerry Douglas on YouTube. I'd been telling her about how much I love his dobro playing especially with Alison Krauss and Union Station. His collaboration with Aly Bain on the Transatlantic sessions was a must see for me - best of Nashville and Scotland!

Thinking about great pickers, my mind immediately jumped to Bela Fleck, banjo picker extraordinaire, and I was  delighted to find this old video of them playing together.

The Sweet Shawlettes blog tour of North America is entering the final week tomorrow, but there's still a chance to win yourself a free copy.  Just log onto one of the remaining blogs and enter a comment.  I've loved reading all your comments and it's been a shot in the arm to know that this thing I've been beavering away on for so many months has not slipped unnoticed into the ether. Your feedback is valuable market research for future books for me and it's a bonus that the reviews so far have been overwhelmingly positive. My thanks to everyone who's participated.

Tues 3 Jan  Wendy Knits Wendy Johnson  
 Wed 4 Jan  Knitgrrl Shannon Okey
Thurs 5 Jan  Yarnagogo Rachael Herron
 Fri 6 Jan  The Knitter Rosee Woodland
Sat 7 Jan  Rhythm of the Needles  Joanne Conklin
Sun 8 Jan  Knit Purl Gurl  Karrie Steinmetz
                Mon 9 Jan  Craft Sanity  Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood
Tues 10 Jan  Planet Purl Beth Moriarty
 Wed 11 Jan  Sunset Cat  Stephannie Tallent
Thurs 12 Jan  A Really Good Yarn  Julie Schilthuis
Fri 13 Jan  Knit 1 Chicago  Lynn Coe
Sat 14 Jan  Go Knit in your Hat Carol Sulcoski
Sun 15 Jan Redshirt Knitting  Erika Barcott
Mon 16 Jan   In The Loop  Cheryl & Ellen
Tues 17 Jan  WEBS  Kathy Elkins
Wed 18 Jan  Zeneedle Margene Smith
Thurs 19 Jan   Knitspot  Anne Hanson
Fri 20 Jan   Urban Yarns  Alexa Ludeman
Sat 21 Jan  A Friend to knit with  Leslie Friend
Mon 23 Jan  Tentenknits  Margaux Hufnagel
Tues 24 Jan  Fancy Tiger Crafts  Amber Corcoran
Wed 25 Jan  Chic Knits  Bonne Marie Burns
Thurs 26 Jan  The Panopticon  Franklin Habit


  1. Just finished listening to your interview on Craft Sanity podcast and enjoyed it SO much. Great fun. Hope your shoulder feels much better soon.


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