Harlow Carr colour inspiration

Spent a lovely morning at Harlow Carr, the RHS garden in Harrogate, yesterday.  This wonderful garden defies anyone who thinks that there's no colour in the garden in January.  It was a crisp and frosty morning when we visited and the garden was looking glorious in its winter mantle.  
View across the garden as you enter
The joyous dogwood walk
Bee sculpture lurking on top of the show hive,
where the bees are hibernating at the moment
I was spoilt for choice as to where to point my camera. Loads of berries, gorgeous tree bark patterns and even a few flowers like witch hazel, the plant of the month,  in bloom, all glistening under a touch of frost. 
Frosted berries
Witch hazel
Plane tree bark
Prunus serrula bark
The grasses looked fabulous, winter fireworks upstanding even though chilled to the marrow - a great advertisement for prairie planting.  The sculptures are spectacular in the landscape,  punctuating the garden and helping keep the interest going.
Frosted grasses
Steel sculpture
Hazel hurdles & green willow trellis
Frost graffiti
There are plenty of interesting places to sit, though we didn't do too much of that as we had to keep on the move to ward off the cold.  Met with a giant snow shovel in the woodland area.
Philip sitting among upstanding grasses
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Giant snow shovel
Just as we were making our way back to Bettys, we noticed this poem inscribed on a fine piece of limestone
Brookside poetry
Bettys leaf mould teapot
Inside Bettys Cafe
Our table by the window
Got waylaid in the bookshop next where  as well as a fabulous selection of gardening books, there are lots of lovely knitting books, plus the bonus of plump sofas to sit and read them on.  We eventually did get to Bettys and a  steaming cup of coffee set  us up beautifully for the short journey back to York.  Looking forward to coming back here with our visitors on our Lakes & York knitters' tour - if not before.

Tues 3 Jan  Wendy Knits Wendy Johnson  
 Wed 4 Jan  Knitgrrl Shannon Okey
Thurs 5 Jan  Yarnagogo Rachael Herron
 Fri 6 Jan  The Knitter Rosee Woodland
Sat 7 Jan  Rhythm of the Needles  Joanne Conklin
Sun 8 Jan  Knit Purl Gurl  Karrie Steinmetz
                Mon 9 Jan  Craft Sanity  Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood
Tues 10 Jan  Planet Purl Beth Moriarty
 Wed 11 Jan  Sunset Cat  Stephannie Tallent
Thurs 12 Jan  A Really Good Yarn  Julie Schilthuis
Fri 13 Jan  Knit 1 Chicago  Lynn Coe
Sat 14 Jan  Go Knit in your Hat Carol Sulcoski
Sun 15 Jan Redshirt Knitting  Erika Barcott
Mon 16 Jan   In The Loop  Cheryl & Ellen
Tues 17 Jan  WEBS  Kathy Elkins
Wed 18 Jan  Zeneedle  Margene Smith
Thurs 19 Jan   Knitspot  Anne Hanson
Fri 20 Jan   Urban Yarns  Alexa Ludeman
Sat 21 Jan  A Friend to knit with  Leslie Friend
Mon 23 Jan  Tentenknits  Margaux Hufnagel
Tues 24 Jan  Fancy Tiger Crafts  Amber Corcoran
Wed 25 Jan  Chic Knits  Bonne Marie Burns
Thurs 26 Jan  The Panopticon  Franklin Habit


  1. Stunning photos! xx

    1. Thanks Heike, if ever you're in Yorkshire let me know and we could go there together x


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