Paul McCartney's tweets!

Maybe it's the effect of being newly married, but has anyone else noticed that Paul McCartney's tweets are becoming more and more esoteric recently?
As days and nights would pass me by i'd tell myself that i was waiting for a sign

What good is the moonlight, the silvery moonlight that shines above?

Laugh a little, cry a little

Please don't let it be marketing for a new album or am I just being suspicious and cynical?  It would be good to think that there are some people left who think truly poetic thoughts with no ulterior motive.  Don't mess with my dreams Paul.  

The Beatles first three albums, Please Please Me, With the Beatles and A Hard Day's Night provided the backdrop to my adolescence.   Their story is inspiring, especially to a Northern girl hailing from about 15 miles up the road.  I once saw them in Blackburn and could have sworn that George Harrison winked at me - as would 2000 other screaming girls!  There was no music to be heard on that occasion as no matter how much the volume was turned up the audience still drowned them out.

Being a longtime veggie, in the intervening years I've been more interested in  the sustained efforts of  the McCartney family (led byPaul's photographer wife Linda) to banish vegetarianism's food freak label and make it more mainstream.  
So after all these years you've grabbed my interest again Paul - looking forward to the next tweet!  Btw, do you knit?

Tues 3 Jan  Wendy Knits Wendy Johnson  
 Wed 4 Jan  Knitgrrl Shannon Okey
Thurs 5 Jan  Yarnagogo Rachael Herron
 Fri 6 Jan  The Knitter Rosee Woodland
Sat 7 Jan  Rhythm of the Needles  Joanne Conklin
Sun 8 Jan  Knit Purl Gurl  Karrie Steinmetz
                 Mon 9 Jan   CraftSanity  Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood
Tues 10 Jan  Planet Purl  Beth Moriarty
Wed 11 Jan  Sunset Cat  Stephannie Tallent
Thurs 12 Jan  A Really Good Yarn  Julie Schilthuis
Fri 13 Jan  knit 1 chicago  Lynn Coe
Sat 14 Jan  Go Knit In Your Hat  Carol Sulcoski
Sun 15 Jan  Redshirt Knitting  Erika Barcott
Mon 16 Jan   In The Loop  Cheryl & Ellen
Tues 17 Jan  WEBS  Kathy Elkins
Wed 18 Jan  Zeneedle  Margene Smith
Thurs 19 Jan   Knitspot  Anne Hanson
Fri 20 Jan   Urban Yarns  Alexa Ludeman
Sat 21 Jan  A Friend to knit with  Leslie Friend
Mon 23 Jan  Tentenknits  Margaux Hufnagel
Tues 24 Jan  Fancy Tiger Crafts  Amber Corcoran
Thurs 26 Jan  The Panopticon  Franklin Habit

Tbc  Chic Knits  Bonne Marie Burns


  1. definitely beats the dross that usually bobs up on my twitter feed. Less esoteric and more refreshing for me!


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