Celtic Connections

Been listening a lot to the fabulous Celtic Connections on the BBC Radio 3's Late Night Sessions  with Mary Ann Kennedy. This is an annual music fest in and around Glasgow - folk, roots, indie, world and traditional music celebrating the links between Celtic music and cultures across the globe. There are ceilidhs, workshops, talks, dancing, art and a torchlit parade through Glasgow. I need to be there next year!

Ceilidh, just the thing to wear at Celtic Connections!
One of the highlights for me was Bring It All Home: Gerry Rafferty Remembered - a tribute to the work of Gerry Rafferty, Paisley-born singer/songwriter who sadly died last year. The concert was recorded at this year's festival, culminating in friends and family coming together to sing Stuck in the Middle With You. This was one of my favourite tracks from Stealers Wheel, the duo he formed in the seventies with Joe Egan.

Even earlier in his illustrious career he played in the Scots folk band, The Humblebums, with renowned comedian/actor Billy Connolly and guitarist Tam Harvey. Gerry's Baker Street must be one of the most iconic sax solos ever.

On a more mundane note, the logs arrived early this chilly morning, only just in time as the final log went on the fire late last night. Stacking is an interesting activity for the kitties, but this time Arlo had to take charge on his own, as the prodigal still seems to be somewhat freaked out by his recent ordeal.  I think he must have lost a quarter of his body weight in nervous energy in the twenty-four hours he was locked in the garage!

Look who's in charge of the stacking
Trying to build him up again, but not easy as he's such a worrier. It's amazing in fact how different the two cats are. Django is aloof, introverted, looks dignified and intelligent, as if he's pondering some very important business (just shows you should never rely on looks :D). No matter how much food he eats he stays skinny - an ectomorph I believe.

Django's tail is fatter than him right now
Arlo is the clown, demands to be stroked as much as possible, very vocal and views any friend who happens to be passing through as a potential lap to sit on. He eats the same amount as Django but is the cat equivalent of a sumo wrestler - a mesomorph.  I split them up so that poor Django can eat in peace as Arlo just doesn't understand why he can't eat two dinners.

Arlo lying louche on the kitchen dresser
Anyway, makes me glow to know the logs are now stacked and the weather can do it's worst. Stew with cheesy dumplings tonight I think, so I can throw it all in the pot and let it cook slowly all day.  I'm usually at my most creative when the fire and the food are sorted. We'll see.


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