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I've been meaning to let you all know about a knit designer whose work I came across quite by chance whilst listening to her music - it's great to find people who express their creativity through several different media.  Stephanie Dosen is a talented American singer/songwriter who until recently was living and working in London. I've been listening to her music on and off for the past couple of years since Felix sent me a track on Spotify.

Her ethereal CD, A Lily for the Spectre (2007) has her sweet and sexy vocals seeming to float along the top of some fine arpeggio guitar playing - a sort of latterday Stevie Nicks. I'm told there is another CD, Ghosts, Mice & Vagabonds from 2002 but I haven't heard that one yet.
A Spectre For The Lily
But what's the connection with knitting? Well, whilst researching the best blogs for Sweet Shawlettes World Tour - sounds grand I know, but couldn't think of any other way to say UK, Ireland, Holland, Norway and New Zealand - I came across Tiny Owl Knits and quickly clocked that it's one and the same woman as Stephanie Dosen, seen here modelling her designs.  For me her work has the same quirky sensability and individualism as her music. Here are a few of my favourites - see what you think.

You can buy the patterns on Ravelry, Etsy and from her website, where every design has its own video  with different views. I specially LOVE the tiny knitted rings, that could be sized up to become napkin rings too. Don't let all the fairy stuff put you off, I know you won't all be into it, but believe me, at the core of it all is one very creative spirit.

I didn't realise when I asked her to join the blog tour that Stephanie has now moved back to the US, but wherever she's living I'm sure that her joyous, playful outlook will add a touch of magic. Look out for her blog stop coming up on 20th March.

PS Couldn't help myself when I saw this video, had to share it straightaway - a really cool way of joining yarn in knitting or crochet.


  1. Agreement from here - TOK has fun and fabulous designs. I came across her about a year ago and love her quirkiness!!


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