Back to work!

It's been ten days since my mother died and the funeral was yesterday, somehow completing the circle.  I understand that to say this is closure would be foolish, but I do feel I can now resume my life without my mother. She'll always live on in my thoughts, like other people who've left my life before her.

Lily's funeral was a truly lovely occasion, better than I'd ever hoped for.  Sunshine, stories and songs - even the birds joined in with a sweet chorus during the contemplation - and her favourite daffodils everywhere in full bloom. I know she would have approved.

I haven't knit a stitch for nearly three weeks - this must be a record? Just getting my thoughts in order to deal with everything, both practical and emotional, has been a major achievement recently.

The yarn for the first three projects in my next book arrived from Rowan a couple of weeks ago and the first deadline looms mid April, so I've really got to pull out all the stops now and get on with it.  This has been the longest cooking time ever for me, so I just hope it's reflected in the book's contents!

The book plan's done, I know what the ingredients are, so I now have to bring each design to life with colours, textures, stitches, shapes and trimmings. I'm hoping the first design, one of the biggest knits, will be ready for the sample knitter by the end of the week, and the following two, smaller projects, hopefully ready for knitting by the end of next week - everything sorted, just need to charge up the old grey matter again.

I've put the easter tree up, much to the delight of Izzi and Ava who constantly rearrange the eggs, being the budding designers that they are. The weather is just amazing, time for coffee in the garden, then I'll be ready to pick up my needles again.


  1. When I was younger I wondered what the purpose of a funeral was, because it seemed so much work for the newly bereaved. Then I lost my parents and my eldest sister soon after and I learned that it was for closure, or at least stage one of closure. And then you get on with all that living and working. :)

  2. I'm so glad Lily's funeral was lovely and that it blessed you too! ~ a good memory to look back on. Be prepared for your loss and her absence to 'hit' you in times ahead. Yea, a new book :) :) - wish we had amazing weather - rain and temps well below normal in my neck of the woods :(


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