Beating the blues

Hmmm, feeling lethargic today, hope it's not some lurking lurgy, I've only just got rid of the last one.  Got back to York from our short break in Wales a couple of days ago and now it feels like I dreamt it. Even if we can only manage a long weekend I always take yarn, needles, books, guitar, laptop - my comfort blanket gets bigger all the time, whatever happened to travelling light?

However, this time despite good intentions I got no design work done, leaving me fretting about the dreaded designers' block - something that must cross many designers' minds in darker moments. However, I've banished the thought and I'm now convincing myself maybe there were just too many distractions.
Rainbow on kitchen floor
After being holed up for the winter I'm always so excited to be in the garden again, I can never get enough of the magic light you get at this time of year.

So in the few days we were there it was all Boy's Own stuff, spending as much time as possible outside - cutting paths through the bamboo, chopping down more of last years perennials, sitting around big bonfires with hearty cups of veggie bouillon in hand and watching the tadpoles grow. The garden is just waking up and once we'd refilled the feeders there were loads of birds - finches, tits, jays, siskins, robins, fieldfares, buzzards and even the odd red kite, in the sky that is, not on the feeders! Can't wait for the swallows and the cuckoos to arrive, then you know summer's definitely on the horizon.

The mystery fur
When we arrived we found a strange piece of fur on the gate. Philip thinks it's a stoat, but I'm not too sure as the scale seems too large - it's about 10cm/4in across. The colours - white, tawny brown, tipped with black - are good for stoats, but unless it's a giant version I'm guessing it's more like a fox, although a friend suggested a badger. It was trying to get through a space that was only about 15cm/6in high, so that must rule out quite a few options. Some US friends have suggested possums or skunk, but I don't think we have either in the UK. Any ideas?

The cats had a fabulous time, plundering nature's larder.  The mice, voles, shrews and rabbits must quake in their beds when they hear the thundering paws of Django and Arlo above them.
You looking at me kid?

I'm the king of the castle

I'm off to take my new Addi needles out into the garden for coffee now - see if that will kickstart the creative juices!
My new Addi circulars just begging to be cast-on
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  1. That rainbow is gorgeous - so bright!! I too need to get out into the garden - last year's lavendar debris still attached and daylilies sprouting through their dead leaves!! But knitting calls loudly, and this morning dawned rainy/snow so..................sigh :)

  2. ARe you quite sure the fur isn't your own moggy's? (kidding). Hey, I love your travel style ; knitting a must, acoustic instrument a must, laptop a must ! Anyway, I love your life, thanks for letting us have a peek in. Blog tour? Very nice!

  3. Loving the bag!! Gorgeous colour x


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