I'm so very touched and comforted by everyone's kind words and thoughts - my thanks to each of you.

Lily has been battling on with palliative care only over the past couple of days and it's hard to know where she's finding the strength. I don't have much to say right now as it's too difficult for me to put complex feelings into words, but everyone at the hospital is kind and caring, trying to make my mother's last days as comfortable as possible.

It's upsetting and scary for me to see her doing what they call Cheyne stoking, but her consultant assures me it's part of the process and that it's not distressing for her. I pray he's right.

Not sure what's been happening on the blog tour, but Philip says it's all going well and that it's the lovely Carla Meijsen's stop today at Life'n Knitting in Rotterdam.  Thanks to everyone for your knowledgeable and interesting reviews, it's consoling to know that so many of you appreciate my work.

Wed 7 Mar Jen Arnall-Culliford Knitwear Jen Arnall-Culliford

Thurs 8 Mar Needled Kate Davies

Fri 9 Mar Rock and Purl Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

Sat 10 Mar Woolly Wormhead Woolly Wormhead

Mon 12 Mar Yarnscape Alison Barker

Tues 13 Mar Confessions of a Yarn Addict Anniken Allis

Wed 14 Mar Joli House Amanda France

Thurs 15 Mar This is Knit Lisa & Siobhan

Fri 16 Mar The Knitting Institute  Knitting Magazine

Sat 17 Mar  Life’n Knitting Carla Meijsen

Sun 18 Mar ConnieLene Connie

Mon 19 Mar  Just Call Me Ruby Susan Crawford

Tues 20 Mar Tiny Owl Knits Stephanie Dosen

Wed 21 Mar Ulla-Bella Anita Tørmoen

Thurs 22 Mar Heike Knits Heike Gittins


  1. Jean, my best to you and your family. Thank goodness for medical staff who are skilled with palliative care, and for simple kindness.

  2. Praying for you and your family through this time, wrapped in her Lily shawl of love...

  3. Thinking of you and your family. xx

  4. We are all here, thinking of you x

  5. My own Mother and I were too close. My father being emotionally unavailable. So, when I had to make the cut of the umbilical cord it was so shocking that she went into therapy. I got married, moved away. I was totally different from my Mom. She had been a wild child. I was a shy, introvert, bookworm. But she was my sounding board. Since her death in 2006, so many times I started to pick up the phone because I wanted to share something. My mother's stroke was massive, took her immediately. No goodbyes. Gone in two seconds. I was not there. My brother was. On the other hand. My Mother in Law lingered for about a week. Before she went into a coma, she said amazing things. She was in no where land. She looked out the window of hospital in awe, and said, Oh... Big Ben. Doctor said it was dementia. After her death we were invited to a wedding in England. We went. She also asked when the baby would be born. It was like she was seeing the future. Lovely. I believe life never ends, only changes. Nature tells us that.

    1. How lovely, I absolutely agree with you. I was never the daughter my mum wanted and unfortunately for her I was an only child. She put all her hopes and dreams into me and I rejected every one of them and went my own way. She desperately wanted a 'normal' daughter, as opposed to the self-willed unpredictable one that she got. Nevertheless we muddled along and I know I'll miss her more and more. Thanks so much for sharing your stories.


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