Old friends

Met two old friends for coffee yesterday in Aberystwyth. We don't see them very often but it's always like we saw them yesterday when we do meet up.  In our twenties we all lived together in a big old house in Brixton, London - a sort of early version of Friends, with two toddlers thrown into the mix. There was Marj writing her PhD and the rest of us trying to make a name for ourselves in the music world. Strange how life knocks us into shape, taking us all in different directions, but there are some people you never lose contact with.
Anthony Griffiths
One of my all-time best memories of Anthony was when he arrived at the hospital in Aberystwyth the morning after I'd given birth to my eldest son, Tristan. I could hear the nurses telling him only husbands were allowed in, but quick as a flash he replied I'm not her husband, I'm her lover!

I'm always amazed by what other people do in their lives. Marj is training hard for the London marathon next month and Anthony is as busy as ever with his music and photography. Although an accomplished blues and ragtime guitarist, his great love is to interpret and arrange Welsh & Celtic Airs - have a listen here to Truth From Above. He recorded The Spirit of the Celtic guitar in 1998.

Yesterday Anthony was showing me pictures of his first band at fifteen, The Shadrachs. He's had many musical reincarnations since then, including the acoustic folk duo, Windfall with Paul Darby,and session work with other great musicians like Christie HennessyJohn James, and Meic Stevens, the affectionately-called  Welsh Dylan. We all served our time busking around Europe, playing around musicians like the legendary banjo picker, Derroll Adams in Antwerp.


Anthony with Derroll and wife Danielle
Nowadays Anthony's still doing regular gigs and guesting on other people's CDs - a sort of musical well-kept secret.  He's also busy taking photos of his beloved Wales.  He and Marj are great walkers and there's always a camera to hand.
Rainbow over Morfa Mawddach from Fairbourne

Maen-y-Bardd - prehistoric burial chamber
His latest project is Elenydd - a gorgeous book of radiant images showing the beauty of  the ancient heartlands of the Cambrian mountains.

It was SO good to see Anthony and Marj and a bonus to see Roachie, another old friend I hadn't seen for years. An ace singer songwriter - I still pick up my guitar sometimes and out comes one of his songs I used to sing, Cambridge Morning.  As we were leaving Anthony was telling me his son, Dylan, plays bass in Barnum Meserve, a band playing orchestral, alternative rock in and around Nottingham.  I'll have to save that for another post - this family's got too much talent!

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  1. I joined your blog for the knitting - but have discovered that you are an incredible resource for English and American folk music. I'm stuck in a 60's rut, having never outgrown early Joan Baez, Fairport Convention, etc. Well, not totally in a rut - I love Kate Rusby, Jane Tabor, and when I find new names I go immediately to find their music on the internet to see if I want to buy. Thank you so much for sharing - I just listened to Derroll whom I've never heard of, but what a lovely voice. I am having a great time digging up the people you write about. Thank you so much.

    Nigel Pottle

  2. You're very welcome, Nigel, always good to hear from fellow music enthusiasts.

  3. And I bought the tribute album to Derroll yesterday. I am loving the variety of voices interpreting one man's lyric output. More exploring to do yet, though. I'm looking forward to learning more from you - about knitting and music.

  4. Jean I'm here in Aberystwyth with two of your Welsh friends Antony giff and roachie both as good as gold pissed but ok lol ��

  5. And have a guess who's top of the conversation I feel after 2 hrs of them talking about u I know u lol but all the best jean


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