It's been a strange day today. This morning Fedex delivered one fabulous box of Classsic Elite yarn for a new design I'm doing for the autumn - can't say what the project is at this stage other than that it's an important one. A frisson of excitement was rising as I opened the box to reveal this gorgeous green yarn.

But suddenly P was calling me urgently, I wasn't really listening as I was more imterested in the yarn and mulling over my new design.  Eventually though I had to listen when I heard the words Django is badly hurt, you must come quick! I still didn't really believe there could be anything seriously wrong with Django as I'd seen him only a few moments ago, walking through the garden on his way home, seemingly as right as rain.  It was only when I went to investigate further that I realised we had an emergency on our hands.

Django was in the house, but had had some awful accident outside and the skin on one of his back paws was completely missing and the paw was bleeding and swollen - it looked pretty gruesome and we didn't know if he had other injuries. P got the cat box while I tried to calm him down and together we got him into the box, obviously in pain, but being very stoic.

We got in the car and sped along to the vets which is only five minutes away. She quickly assessed him then told us she was practically certain he'd been hit by a car.  She said he should stay there for observation, x-rays and antibiotics for the weekend and they would update us daily, or if anything untoward was found.  She warned us of the worst case scenario, and though unlikely, my head started to swim when words like amputation were mentioned.

Young Django in the garden
There's no point in saying I'm upset, it just doesn't describe how I feel right now. It immediately occurred to me that if we had kept him indoors, this could never have happened. Many breeders will not sell their cats to people who allow their cats outside, but when we got Django I made it clear from the start that he would be going out. What I love about cats is their independence, their haughty take it or leave it attitude, but especially to see them outside enjoying life sunning themselves in the garden, running through the grass, climbing trees, doing all the things cats do.
Recently in Wales
I've kept outdoor cats all my adult life and never had any problems. We live on a quiet cul-de-sac, away from the main road, with lots of gardens for the cats to explore. In Wales our home is quite isolated with only perhaps four cars a day passing by, so I never really worried about them getting run over. I was more worried about Django getting lost as he's a bit of a wanderer, but since he got locked in a nearby garage for 24 hours he's been slightly more cautious.

Sitting by the pond
At teatime the vet rang to say the x-rays showed that a small piece of the top of his femur had fractured and sheared off. Although he said Django would need surgery on Monday and this sounded terrible, he also told me the condition is not life-threatening and that he should make a full recovery.  However, he wasn't as positive about the injury to his paw. Apparently it's one of the hardest things to heal. It has to be dressed every day, he'll have to have a skin graft and he told me wounds like this often take months to heal. He also said there's some floppiness in his ankle, so as the x-ray didn't show any fracture, they'll be checking his ligaments and tendons later.
Favourite spot
It's hard to write this without feeling tearful, I hate to see an animal (or a person for that matter) in pain. I know what it feels like to have a broken bone and Django must have been hurting a lot, but he was so compliant at the vets - I hope he realised they were trying to help him.

It's late here now and I feel bothered and can't stop thinking about him, especially as the vet said that sometimes cats who've been in a car accident rally and seem to be fine for several hours after, then suddenly just give up. He said this wasn't common but that he needed to say this just in case. I keep telling myself everything seems much worse when you think about it at night...

I hope they've given him lots of painkillers so he can get some rest tonight and that the love and healing thoughts P and I are beaming over to him will give him the strength and determination to get through this.
Hang on in there Mr Reinhardt!


  1. So hope he can pull through, he's such a beauty. Having many outdoor and indoor kitties I can relate to your worry.

  2. So sorry to read about Django. Sending get well wishes from afar. If possible, please try and spend time with him while he is at the vets, as they pine for their owners and need our loving touch to help them through this difficult time.

  3. Many thanks for your good wishes and kind comments. Just had the morning bulletin from the nurse who told me that Django is settled and is eating. They're about to sedate him to change his dressing, he can't move except to change sides right now, but she says he's happy to have plenty of fuss and cuddles. I'll be going in to see him later. Better news than yesterday...

  4. Jean, thank you for the update. So good to hear Django is eating and especially enjoying his cuddles. Always a difficult time ... thinking of you.

  5. Oh dear....poor darling, hope he is comfortable. I love the color of the new yarn, just up my line.

  6. Oh no, Django and his namesake, through terrible accidents leaving a paw and hand scarred and limited. But Jean, you had decided to let Django be his happiest being a cat, and do what cats do. After this, you'll both have a different life together, well spent I'd say, so far. Forgive me but I can't help but think of a certain poem, though I realize Django very likely will be okay. But here goes, (I will translate it to cat language) and hugs to you Jean.

    Life should NOT be a journey to the grave
    with the intention of arriving safely
    in an attractive and well preserved body,
    But rather to skid in sideways,
    mouse under one paw,
    catnip under the other,
    body thoroughly used up,
    totally worn out and meowing
    "WOO HOO what a chase!"

    1. Glad you said that, thanks so much. I don't regret giving Django the freedom to be a cat, I'd never want it any other way. Brilliant poem, enjoyed it so much :)

    2. PS And I hadn't thought of the parallels of the two Djangos, thanks again!

  7. I am so sorry, I hope Django has a quick and thorough recovery.

  8. Glad to see some positive news above, I know how it feels to be away from them and not know what's going on. I hope all goes very well, he certainly couldn't have more love in his life. The yarn looks beautiful, such a serene celadon.

  9. Oh, Jean, you have been through so much recently. I am catching up with all my reading and have just read several weeks of your posts in quick succession.

    I'd like to offer my condolences on your mother's death and, soon after, the very final loss of connection to your father. I found that an incredibly sad story, and I hope writing it helped soothe something of your internal turmoil. It was certainly a brave thing to share.

    And now - poor Django!! I hope he is doing well and healing as rapidly as possible. He certainly has the rugged good looks to carry off a scar or two. And I hope that you are bearing up, too: it is a lot to take, on top of everything else.

  10. Hello Jean, I will be seeing you soon on the tour. The menus look very good although I prefer the second one. I love roast beef and yorkshire (though not quite rare). I am not a lover of fish or lamb so it is good to see some other choices such as the cheese tart and also the pasta on the first menu. Gail and I are so excited and can't wait to meet you, Philip and the others.
    bye for now, Eileen


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