Live Music Act - Yaaaaay!!!

Rare for private members' bills to
become acts of parliament
Over the moon that it's been confirmed that come October 1st the Live Music Act will be law. This means that live amplified music can be performed between 8pm and 11pm in venues under a 200-person capacity without the permission of the local authority. What a fantastic boost for keeping music live in England and Wales.

The music industry is hosting a big party at the House of Commons to celebrate and Show of Hands have been chosen to represent the folk/roots genre. One of my fave bands, they're a fabulous combination of musicianship, charisma and ethics. Although Steve Knightley, Phil Beer and Miranda Sykes have their own bands and always make amazing sounds, there's something much greater than the sum of the three individuals when they play together as Show of Hands. 

Here they're spreading the word about corrupt bankers in Arrogance, Ignorance & Greed on the Andrew Marr Show with William Hague and Trevor Phillips looking on.

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