Django in the wars again

I knew I had things to do and deadlines to meet immediately after the tour finished so I was trying to keep up with posting our progress as we went along.  Best laid plans... there were just not enough hours in each day.  After we got back to York we found there were so many other things to do as well as the day to day running of the tour.

One of the things that threw me was the fact that Django had to be readmitted to the vets as he'd developed a nasty wound underneath his bandage from having his leg covered for nearly a month. We managed to visit him on Wednesday, but he looked a sorry sight and the nurse told us he was quite depressed, so she was grooming him and doing what she could to cheer him up.  Although I'm sure this was very helpful to Django, my fertile imagination was working overtime and I was thinking he was just going to give up and die.  Thankfully I was wrong, and I brought him back home this morning, still quite depressed but at least he can move around the house in the very hot weather to find different comfy spots to sit in.
Django through the window

He was very disturbed to find he wasn't going to be let out and sat on a chair yowling and pleading to be released, which of course we couldn't comply with.  So he's now sitting in my office with me, looking as contented as I've seen him since we got back - the poor thing's having to wear two collars to stop him from licking the wound now there's no dressing on it.  So I'm honing my nursing skills again, doing lots of grooming to keep his spirits up, making sure I don't forget the anti-inflamatory and applying the Manuka honey ointment, which apparently is the best thing to get Django's wounds to heal.
The two collar cat chilled in my office
On a more positive note, as I said I knew I had deadlines to meet after the tour and one of them was a sweater for the 30th anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting. One of my best test knitters brought over the finished design in the middle of the tour, making me anxious and apprehensive in case there were massive corrections to be done. The deadline is so tight and the sweater is quite a complex knit that I was dreading seeing it. So I was massively relieved to discover I was delighted with it  - the knitting gods must have been smiling on me. It's now pressed, labelled, packed and ready to go, just in time to meet the deadline. Phew... that one was easier than I thought.

At this point it would be wonderful to be able to show you a picture - I'm so thrilled with it I'm itching to see what other people think. However, I'm sure I would be in big trouble with VK if I did, so all I'll say is that it's in that gorgeous spring green merino/silk yarn that arrived a couple of months ago, which gives fabulous stitch definition to the intricate patterning - but you'll have to imagine the rest.

Gotta go and do a bit more clearing up now, amazing the chaos that being absent for eleven days creates.
Haven't forgotten about posting more about the York part of the tour, more anon...

Meanwhile a big thank you to our fabulous group of fun people who all helped make the tour such a huge success - we enjoyed every minute with you.  Hope by now you're all safely at your destinations and are enjoying the memories - we are for sure!


  1. They do get depressed when they have to wear the collars, poor guy.

  2. Poor Django! He looks quite hangcat (I would say hangdog, but I don't think he'd thank me for it! ;-) )I am sure being back home will help his recovery no end. I am desperate now to see the new design... that yarn looks scrumptious!


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