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York Grand Tour

Been meaning to tell you about a fabulous show that's in and around York at the moment. The York Science & Innovation Grand Tour  is all about the global and ground-breaking contributions people, businesses and organisations have made in York and their impact on the city. Sixty diverse images, each with its own message, are displayed until the end of August and I'm lucky enough to pass quite a few of them when I walk into town - certainly helps brighten up the grey rainy days. 
Love this fractal image, by the entrance to St Michael in the Belfrey church. Here's what's on the label: Fractals, like this Mandelbrot plot, are self-repeating patterns found throughout nature, in plants, lightning and even coastlines.  Early work on fractals was pioneered by Lewis Fry (of chocolate fame I assume) Richardson, who went to Bootham School, York 1894-98.
This red cabbage definitely caught my eye - I'm a sucker for any kind of in-your-face colour. Interesting stuff on the lab…

Street party

More doom and gloom on the weather forecast, so everyone was wondering if our annual get-together was going to happen. However, yesterday we escaped with only a slight sprinkling of rain - it would take a lot more than that to dampen our spirits!
Reckoning that strawberries and cream are always a good bet, especially at the start of Wimbledon week, P and I took Izzi Ava to the local pick-your-own in the morning. Here we waddled and waded through the drenched straw between the rows like a family of ducks. Sometimes up to our ankles in mud, it was almost a relief when the heavens eventually opened and we ran for cover with the booty.  By that time though we had three baskets of beautiful plump berries for the party, and the girls had the telltale pink stains around their mouths indicating they probably ate as many as they picked! This wasn't as many as it might have been, as the wet made it very difficult to stay on your feet - every time they had a decent number in their baskets, th…

Indoor BBQ

Discovered a quick and easy way to throw together a meal in a moment.  With all the rain this year we haven't had a single BBQ and I suppose I was having withdrawal symptoms. So the other day, whilst rummaging around in a kitchen drawer I came across some sad looking skewers just asking to be taken out and put to use. 

My mind started to cogitate on the idea of an indoor barbecue, so I looked in the fridge to see what was available.  The best candidates  were baby tomatoes on the vine and haloumi, so out came the skewers and on went the tomatoes and haloumi, with a splash of balsamic and olive oil, then sprinkled with sea salt, black pepper and oregano.  
As there were only two of us and also the cupboard was quite bare I decided to put whatever else I could find in the roasting pan - don't you just love make do suppers, the idea of making something from nothing? It appeals to the scrooge in me, although P would say this is the only way this side of my character manifests itself…

Winner of Coronation Knits giveaway

Da, da, da, da dada... can you hear the fanfare? Today I'm delighted to announce the lucky winner of Coronation Knits.  Many congrats to Joanne, who left the penultimate comment, this lovely book is sure to provide you with many hours of fab fifties knitting. Please send your contact details to me by email. At the moment Susan Crawford is away at a show, so you'll be receiving your copy around the end of next week when she gets back. Enjoy!
Just in case you're wondering, as you do, why there were thirty-four comments and only thirty-two went into the draw, the reason is one of the comments was mine and one person left two comments. Just want you to know that it's all scrupulously fair.

Thanks to everyone who entered the draw, it was SO interesting to read all your lovely comments and also to read the consensus on your fave project and design era. Turns out that it was a tie between the Diamond Stole and the Crowning Glory Hat - they won by a whisker, with the Embassy Glo…


Quick post as I hadn't planned to blog today but I'm so excited by the polecat just spotted scurrying along outside the house. I think it was a polecat although at first I thought it was a pine martin, but on doing some research it seems it's more likely to be a polecat. It was the most beautiful sleek jet black creature, behaving almost as if it was tame.  When I hysterically called P to come and see, it seemed oblivious and completely unbothered by my excited whoops, and blithely continued to go about its business.  It circled the house about three times before we eventually lost sight of it under some conifers.

Unfortunately I was too excited to get my camera, but just looked it up and apparently polecats were more or less extinct in Wales until conservation efforts re-established them. Here's a pic I found online. Seems to fit the bill except for the white on the face and ears.  I saw no white and wondered if maybe if it could be a young polecat, as I know some an…

Life in Wales

Had to do a bit of a detour on the last leg of our journey here as the main road was completely flooded. So glad though that we managed to find an alternative route via a tiny track over the hills, as this part of Wales truly is God's own country when the sun shines. The weather changes often, sometimes from hour to hour, torrential rain one moment and the next there's a rainbow, bathing the valley in sunshine and bringing everything in the garden to life in fabulous technicolour.

It's amazing how a couple of hours with a strimmer can work wonders, bringing everything into focus again. When we arrived the grass was knee-high in a sea of green - ok this can be quite attractive, but not desirable if you've spent ten years cultivating colourful perennials.
Had a lovely evening with friends yesterday to celebrate P's birthday.  Had thought we might brave the midges, try and fight them off by smoking them out with the chimonea and start off outside on the terrace. Sod&…