Jubilee joy!

On this weekend of celebration, I wanted to give you a little teaser about a new book I'll be reviewing - with a giveaway of course - in about a week's time.  I'm delighted to be participating in the blog tour for Susan Crawford's Coronation Knits. With her vintage pedigree I can think of no-one better to create a collection of pieces to knit for the Jubilee. Watch this space!

I feel I must add that I've never been a dyed-in-the-wool royalist. However, I do believe that Queen Elizabeth has lived and reigned through some extraordinary times and I admire her as a woman, who also happens to be our queen.

Who wouldn't want to beat the drum to celebrate an incredible sixty years on the throne. She must have seen momentus change and played a significant part in much history in the making. I'm hoping the whole nation, if not the world, will be raising their glasses to her this weekend, I'm sure she'll be enjoying a few glasses of Jubilee bubbly herself.

Here is Princess Elizabeth aged thirteen delivering a WW2 address on Children's Hour. She's already showing extraordinary poise,  empathising with all the children who are separated from their parents, after having been evacuated from the big cities to the relative safety of the countryside.

Republicans may say she was born into privilege, which is true, but she can't help that. In my opinion the important thing is what you do with your life, not the circumstance of your birth, which is beyond control. The fact is the Queen has given it her all and in my opinion done a pretty good job. 

I'm off now to celebrate the Jubilee with the family -  here's to you Lilibet! 


  1. Jubilee joy indeed!!! - watching in Pacific NW of USA and hooray, hooray, hip-hip hooray!!!


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