Quick post as I hadn't planned to blog today but I'm so excited by the polecat just spotted scurrying along outside the house. I think it was a polecat although at first I thought it was a pine martin, but on doing some research it seems it's more likely to be a polecat. It was the most beautiful sleek jet black creature, behaving almost as if it was tame.  When I hysterically called P to come and see, it seemed oblivious and completely unbothered by my excited whoops, and blithely continued to go about its business.  It circled the house about three times before we eventually lost sight of it under some conifers.

Unfortunately I was too excited to get my camera, but just looked it up and apparently polecats were more or less extinct in Wales until conservation efforts re-established them. Here's a pic I found online. Seems to fit the bill except for the white on the face and ears.  I saw no white and wondered if maybe if it could be a young polecat, as I know some animals start off dark and get paler as they mature. Any polecat experts out there who can help me out with this?

Before this we were drying off from a wet and windy walk on the beach.  What a day it's been, the rain only started to let up about ten minutes ago for the first time today. The forecast is for another month's rain in the next twenty-four hours.  I hope they're wrong as on the way to the beach we passed through villages that were flooded last week and it's had a devastating effect on some residents. Ruined furniture piled outside their homes, such poignant and telling images  - the last thing they'll be prepared for is yet another flood. It must be devastating to be at the total mercy of the elements, especially shocking when it comes out of the blue and wrecks everything you own.  My heart goes out to them.

The estuary was looking moody with stormy blue light, which made the sand dunes seem to glow an eerie fluorescent green.   

Further along the surfers were out in force, taking advantage of the high waves. Very brave, I'm not a water baby - I would be terrified - but a lot of fun for some.

The light changes all the time even on a grey day like this. After a cup of tea and warm up in a local cafe things were looking slightly more rosy, though the rain hadn't stopped. 

On the way back, the river through our valley was looking angry again with white water exploding over the rocks dramatically on its way downstream. No flooding yet though so fingers crossed...
Off to see if I can spot the polecat again before the next downpour!


  1. I would be excited at seeing a polecat too. Yesterday we saw a big beaver ( we live in Canada) most likely looking for some tasty trees to cut down.

  2. I haven't been visiting blogs for a while, but yours intrigued me this morning. Wow, you have ferrets as backyard wildlife? That is amazing ! I sure wish I could be by that water, the cool and verdant surroundings. I woke up at 5:30 to near 80 degrees (F), and it will get hotter still. Lucky you.

  3. Polecats? We call these Ferrets and they are pets...but they do like to steal shiny things, like stitch markers..

  4. The polecat is of course the wild ancestor of the ferret in the UK. But polecats kits are born with a paler coat than adults and darken, not vice versa, so I do wonder if it was a polecat you saw. Could it have been a feral ferret?

    You do live in a glorious part of Wales. Up here in the northerly Welsh Marches we missed the worst of the flooding thank goodness but it still got pretty wet for a while!

    1. Don't think it was a ferral ferret as consulted a neighbour who caught a similar one in his humane rabbit trap. He was pretty sure it was a polecat. I'm certainly no expert, but maybe it was fully grown but I was expecting it to be bigger?:)

  5. Could it be a weasel? They are also called ermine in the winter when their coats turn white. They look a lot like your polecat.

  6. Could this be the creature that you saw?


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