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More on the polecat...

Quick post just to say that I've identified the animal that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  At the time I was convinced it was a polecat and many of you seemed to think so too. But whilst in Wales this week I started mulling it over again and did some more research.  I'd never really been convinced that what we saw totally matched the pics of polecats, although it did seem like the most likely.
I'd look at many images online, but what I couldn't square was the white bits on the ears and head.  So yesterday when I came across a pic of a mink I was amazed to see that it was the spitting image of the creature we saw running around the outside of our home.
They're quite different but similar.  On reading further it transpires that all feral minks in the UK are descended from a few that were imported from the US in the late 1920s for breeding due to their valuable pelts.  The fur farmers didn't count on them being so clever at escaping, so now we, and apparently t…

The family calabash

In 1924 P's father decided to upsticks, jump on a ship and go to South America - Peru to be precise. He'd had the travel bug before, tried to board a ship bound for Australia, but his father had hauled him off the boat at Tillbury as he was still a minor. This time, however, turned twenty-one and now the master of his own destiny, he applied for a job with Lobitos, an oil company in Peru, and off he went.  We're a bit hazy about the journey, knowing only that the route took him through the Panama canal, but though he would have been travelling in relative style, we can assume it can't have been easy at sea for weeks on end. 
In 2004, Felix, his grandson, applied to several companies offering gap year placements in Peru.  Felix worked for six months in a bingo hall and staged a selling exhibition of his digital art to help fund his dream trip. When the time came for him to go, it turned out that his placement would be helping in an orphanage and living with a Peruvian ho…

Tips, tricks and rain, rain, rain

Have been pretty silent on the knit front recently, mainly because I'm so involved with deadlines for one thing or another.  I can't say anything about these projects as publication is way in the future, so it's easier for me to avoid the subject altogether, rather than be forever banging on about things I can't show you.  But I know that many of you drop by because of your passion for knitting, so read on - later I'm including a couple of tips from my sadly deceased Ask Jean column.

This week will see the last batch of my babies winging their way off to far distant places, at least for a couple of months, so I'm beginning to draw breath and take stock. Would love to show you some of the projects I've been working on, but unfortunately that's not the way publishing works. It will be another twelve months before the book I'm working on is published, but the design and making will be finished by the end of next month. Such a different time scale if yo…