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Classic Woolly Toppers Q&A & Giveaway

I'm posting this late at night in my hotel room in Galway, as tomorrow we leave at the crack of dawn with our 25 lovely guests for a day of knit delights on Inisheer, Aran. So sad to leave Galway -  a wonderful city of friendly people and great music (Mike Harding walked into the pub where we were having a lunchtime glass of the black stuff!), simply oozing with all things knitterly. But I digress, the object of this post is to bring to your attention Woolly Wormhead's latest collection of hats. First of all I've got to say how much I like the design of the book.  Clean and spare, from fonts to photographs this volume is well ordered and a joy to read. Techniques are explained and illustrated at the start of the book and there are interesting and helpful notes on Sizing, Style & Fit and Independent Publishing in the end matter. And that's just for starters, before I even begin to focus on the knit interest!  So moving on to the main course... Classic Woolly Topper…

Coming up for air!

What with our imminent tour, Knit Ireland, and other pressing work commitments, it's been all systems go around here recently and sadly, no time at all for blogging. With the tour I'm wondering how many more t's can be crossed and i's can be dotted, but then how long is a piece of string? The checklist seems to go on and on forever, while we try to make sure all goes like clockwork so that our visitors will have the best possible time.  We have a capacity group of twenty-five participants, and half are returners - it'll be lovely to see all our old friends again, as well as greeting the first-timers on the tour.

Today the parcel with workshop supplies, yarn, handouts and books went off with Fedex, so at last I feel I'm beginning to sign things off. Still got some checking of patterns for my next book before I can finally concentrate on packing my suitcase, but after the next couple of days hopefully I'll feel everything possible has been done and P and I ca…