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What with our imminent tour, Knit Ireland, and other pressing work commitments, it's been all systems go around here recently and sadly, no time at all for blogging. With the tour I'm wondering how many more t's can be crossed and i's can be dotted, but then how long is a piece of string? The checklist seems to go on and on forever, while we try to make sure all goes like clockwork so that our visitors will have the best possible time.  We have a capacity group of twenty-five participants, and half are returners - it'll be lovely to see all our old friends again, as well as greeting the first-timers on the tour.

Today the parcel with workshop supplies, yarn, handouts and books went off with Fedex, so at last I feel I'm beginning to sign things off. Still got some checking of patterns for my next book before I can finally concentrate on packing my suitcase, but after the next couple of days hopefully I'll feel everything possible has been done and P and I can have a day of downtime before setting off for Ireland. 
We've got an action-packed schedule in store for our guests with just about as much music as knitting for those interested. Starting off with a lunchtime session on the Aran Islands, then on to the Clifden Arts Festival in Connemara, then traditional music in the Cobblestone bar in Dublin, rounded off by a session with Mazz and Fergus O'Flaherty in Dingle town. We'll  also be visiting Lisdoonvarna when the annual matchmaking festival is in full swing... watch this space, I'll keep you posted on the effect of the vibes on our group!

On the tour I'll be teaching In the Swirl - the basics of medallion knitting; and Peplums & Pleats - nips and tucks to add spice to your knitting. There are also workshops in Killarney with Carol Feller and Anne O'Maille in Galway. I've got an idea for a shawl that's been brewing over the past few weeks and I'm hoping to get it on my needles to take to Ireland. I bought the yarn on our May tour - at the Woolclip Co-op in Caldbeck, Cumbria, spun and hand-dyed in a glorious cornflower blue.  Will post pics as soon as I have something to show.

Woo-hoo, today I've signed the contract to teach at VK Live in January 2013 - Big Apple here I come! I've got a full programme of workshops over the three days and as it's ten years since I last visited New York, I'm absolutely thrilled and can't wait. Also it's a fabulous opportunity to get out there and meet knitters on the other side of the pond, great to get feedback and exchange thoughts on all things knitterly with kindred spirits.

Lastly, I wanted to tell you about the Classic Woolly Toppers blog tour.  I'll be doing a Q&A with Woolly, and reviewing the latest collection from this popular hat architect who's amassing a huge following of discerning hat fanatics.  And of course there'll be a giveaway, so don't forget to drop by on the 25th for a chance to win a copy of the book.

9th September 2012 - The Electric Sheep Podcast hosted by Hoxton Handmade
13th September 2012 - Subway Knits Podcast hosted by Maria MN
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25th September 2012 - More Yarn Will Do the Trick Blog hosted by Jean Moss
29th September 2012 – TheKnitgirllls Videocast hosted by Laura and Leslie
3rd October 2012 - Sand And Sky Creations Blog hosted by Simone Van Iderstine
7th October - Susan B Anderson Blog hosted by Susan B Anderson
11th October 2012 - Dull Roar Blog hosted by Alex Tinsley
15th October 2012 - rock+purl Blog hosted by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud
19th October 2012 - Sheep to Shawl Blog hosted by Donna Druchanas
23rd October 2012- do stuff! leethal Blog hosted by Lee Meredith
27th October 2012 - Bricoleur Knits blog hosted by Cirilia Rose
31st October 2012 - Just call me Ruby Blog hosted by Susan Crawford
I'll leave you with this pic of Arlo. He's been in the habit recently of hanging with his cohorts all night, so he's fit for nothing in the mornings. Here he is trying to get some shut-eye.  I can totally relate to this - the equivalent of a kitty hangover!


  1. Great to see Ireland on the map again in terms of knitting. Don't forget to call into The Constant Knit, Francis St, Dublin 8 and This is Knit, Powerscourt Shopping Centre (my lys') for yarn yummieness. There's also a great little shop in Dingle called Commodum were I got a really lovely skein of natural cotton/linen yarn on my holidays. I don't remember the name of the street but it has little cute hand knit sheep in the window. Of course there's also the Kerry Woollen Mills. Sorry got a little excited to see Ireland being thought of again as a knitty destination. Makes me proud :)))

    1. Thanks so much for your recommendations. We're doing a workshop at This is Knit and visiting the Kerry Woollen Mills, but I didn't know about The Constant Knitter, so all very useful. I know just the shop you mean on Dingle High Street, I bought a beautiful scarf there last year and took pictures of their sheep in the window.


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