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The medieval magic of Bruges - Part 3

Whilst walking to our hotel on our first day I spotted the most gorgeous pair of red boots. It was all I could do to drag myself away, but I didn't stop then as I thought it would be easy to find the shop again later on in our stay. Best laid plans, my quest for the red boots had us walking the same route three times before finally stumbling on it somewhere completely different from where I'd remembered it. Aarrgh!! Anyway by this time, exhausted and cold, I was relieved to find they had just the right size and they fit like a glove. Kismet! Wrapped up well against the damp weather, we did a lot of walking along the pretty canals. Bruges is utterly charming, especially with its autumn glow - there's lots to see and no shortage of coffee shops to dive into when you're flagging.

It was just a delight to explore the backstreets and criss-cross the canals over the ancient bridges, in fact everywhere we looked was a perfect photo opportunity. The locals are obviously into …

The medieval magic of Bruges - Part 2

We were up bright and early next morning for a big buffet breakfast of fruit, yogurt, toast and of course,  cheese - all washed down with several cups of Earl Grey. Doesn't sound very Flemish I know, not much different from what I normally eat, except for the cheese, but the ambiance was different, making  it all seem very European.
The streets were bustling with locals going to work, with a sprinkling of tourists taking photos and window shopping.  I felt immediately at home as, like York, Bruges is a city of many bikes, some of them beautiful works of folk art, adorned with flowers and found objects.
We quickly found ourselves in the Burg square, where the majestic Stadhuis (townhall) dominates  one whole side and more.  We were wondering why the square was full of vans and horses, with riders in medieval garb, and jumped to the conclusion it must be some sort of pageant.
However, it transpired that it was all part of the filming of The White Queen, a ten-part dramatisation of

The medieval magic of Bruges - Part 1

Last Monday P and I set off early down to the smoke on the first leg of our three train journey to Bruges.  By ten o'clock we were at Kings Cross station, trundling our little cases across the road to St Pancras to present ourselves at the Eurostar check-in desk.  You can imagine the excitement as neither of us had travelled on Eurostar before. I can tell you we were not disappointed. Everything about this Anglo/French collaboration oozes style and comfort.

It takes just about as long to get from York to London as it does to get from London to Brussels - 2 hours each. I have to admit to being a bit of a baby when it comes to tunnels though. The idea of spending 25 minutes deep under the English Channel doesn't appeal to me at all, so I made sure the rescue remedy was readily to hand in the front pocket of my bag. As it happened I hardly noticed the time in the tunnel - it seemed to slip by seamlessly while we were eating our lunch and the next time I looked out the window we …

Cold therapy

I've been decidedly under the weather this week. Some awful lurgy has been lurking, dodging and diving around my body like a sparring boxer, not declaring itself as a full-blown cold. Why am I always telling people to listen to their bodies yet don't do it myself? Yesterday was a relief when I started to sneeze and got the runny nose, by then I was beginning to think the aching limbs and head were flu. So I've been dosing myself with ginger, lemon and honey tea (just love it!) and sitting by the fire with the cats and my knitting. But the main thing is that I knock this cold on the head before next week...
... when Philip is taking me to Bruges for a late birthday treat. It'll be my first time on Eurostar  (woohoo!!!), and the icing on the cake is that our friend Lieven Tavernier is playing there with his band during our stay.
Funny how you meet people.  A couple of years ago Lieven happened to be cycling down the hill outside our home in Wales. We live in a remote pa…