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Festival of Angels

While rushing around York this weekend trying to nail the last bit of Christmas shopping, I was stopped in my tracks in The Quarter.  Hordes of people surrounded a glittering pair of angel's wings, all vying for a position to take a picture. It quickly dawned on me that it must be the annual Festival of Angels, when local businesses each sponsor an ice sculpture to thank their customers. As a rule I don't go into town on the weekend, there's always too many people and shopping's always simpler mid-week, so although I'd often been told about this event, I'd never actually seen it.  Hadn't realised what a fabulous feast I was missing! P couldn't resist the perfect photo opportunity of me standing in front of the wings - the closest I'll ever get to being an angel I fear! We got completely side-tracked from the shopping, taking pics of the rest of the other sculptures around the Quarter. As you can imagine from the name, there were many angels...

Vole invasion!

We knew it would be cold, so the first thing we did when we got here was to turn on the heating and get the wood stoves lit.
However, we didn't quite reckon on the dubious welcome waiting for us. Unsuspecting, P emptied the car while I put the kettle on and then started to stash away the food that P was bringing in. Insert loud scream here...  On focusing on the kitchen proper I noticed that every counter was covered in mouse droppings, the sink and drainer included, they'd even been in the toaster! We'd made a huge effort over the summer to stop any potential routes of entry and had thought the house was now as mouse-proof as it could possibly be.  Then what happens - the worst mouse (or vole as it happens here) invasion ever! 
An hour-long cleaning session followed and I thought that was that, but when I went into the bedroom to put my clothes away, I noticed they'd even got upstairs and had eaten the feet, hands and nose off a …

Hand Felting and Stash Storage

I haven't revisited my Ask Jean archive for more than a year... where does the time go? So here are a couple of useful frequently-asked questions, first one about hand felting and the second about keeping your stash safe from the dreaded clothes moth.

I'm not a big fan of felted objects as I have a thing about the billiard board handle, but I often use felt as a detail for hats, in fact my fave hat which I wear all the time sports a felted flower.
Having said that on our recent knitters' tour to Ireland, I fell in love with a fabulous felted shawl. I was teaching a workshop at Powerscourt in Dublin. This is no ordinary shopping mall, but a real centre of excellence for fashion, arts, crafts and interiors and also home to This is Knit,atop-class wool shop. As I was leaving after my workshop I noticed a gaggle of my students in the nearby craft collective. They were all excitedly raving about a rail of felted shawls, each one crying out to be bought with its vibrant yet subt…

Battle of the Sexes: How Women and Men See Things Differently

Women are even more keen to look at the female body than men, scientists discover - UK -
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I'm wearing my proud mum hat this morning! Felix was just interviewed by John Humphreys on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4. Also there are several other online articles today in the Daily Telegraph, the National Geographic, The Scotsman and MailOnline relating to his recent paper published in Plos One.

If you're interested in reading the original article, Eye Movements to Natural Images as a Function of Sex & Personality here's the link.