Shawls, Wraps & Scarves

Just before I went off to New York I received images of Ziggy, my design in hot-off-the-press Shawls, Wraps & Scarves, the new book from Classic Elite. I love Jack Deutsch's photography just as much now as I did when he shot World Knits for me way back in 1998.
Unfortunately I can't really review the book as I haven't seen a copy of it yet - big hint here to either Sixth&Spring or Classic Elite to please get one in the post to me - but from what I can tell looking at pics on Amazon, it's well worth a gander. 
The cape version knit in Garnet 
The concept of the book is one design worn in three ways.  There seem to be around twenty designs from different designers, each of which can be knit in three ways. My design is based on an easy travelling stitch, which produces a vertical zigzag pattern, punctuated by a dramatic splash of black garter to accentuate the rhythm.
The wrap version knit in Leaf
The yarn is  Toboggan Super Bulky (5-6 wraps per inch) and the gauge is 11 sts and 15 rows to 10cm or 4ins on needle sizes 9mm (US 13) and 10 mm (US 15).
And the buttoned scarf version knit in Periwinkle
I'm thrilled with the way each piece has turned out and looking forward to being able to flip through the book's pages to see the rest of the goodies. In the past complimentary copies were always sent out to contributors in books and magazines, but maybe the squeeze is getting so tight now that there's been a further tightening of the knit belt?

Anyway, hoping this design will add a little stardust to your knitting :)


  1. Beautiful, Jean! Trust you're all well. Pam

  2. Oh wow Jean, these are Uber Intriguing ! Your creativity never ceases. You know, when I was first commenting more regularly on your blog, about a year ago, before 'Sweet Shawlettes', I admit I was clueless to your celebrity status. Then I got a bit self-conscious, after one day discovering the longitude and latitude where your name is published...and I got kind of shy... but now I'm over it :)

    Besides, I made a blogger account just so I can post easier on Blogger blogs ! Here's the first :)


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