Words fail me, so I'm knitting for Boston today - sending love and hugs in every stitch to the families and friends of all those affected.

It's a glorious day today, very windy and wild, but it feels good to spend some time in the garden clearing up and making way for the new growth.

While I've been doing this there's been a song going around in my head. I wrote this song many years ago...  and haven't given it a thought in yonks. However, it's playing on a loop right now, so thought I'd share it. I'd like to dedicate this song to the people of Boston, hoping their hurt will heal and hearts can eventually forgive.

Beyond the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal
Further than Arabia or lands of pyramids tall
Across the ancient Bosphorus and over the Persian Gulf
Past Sinkiang and Afghanistan, floating like a dove.

Asian winds please take me to your home
Carry me away across the foam
Take me to the place where they know what it means
That a word is a thought is a dream.

The Indian's in his teepee and the Arab's in his tent
Nomad of the Himalayas under heavy load is bent
The sailor sails the ocean in his house that floats
The are English lords in castles protected by their moats.

But could the mountains melt in the rays of the sun?
Could the wind play Hermes over seas where men can't run?
Could you tie a ribbon around a thousand little seeds?
Could you string men together like a necklace of beads?

I certainly wish we could!

Hopefully through understanding, compassion and forgiveness one day our planet will be united in peace.


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