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Spring travels!

Hello again, seems like ages, but life has been so full on recently - with ne'er a chink to hunker down with a cuppa and write about it. 
There's been the trip to France chateau-hunting for next year's Knit France, and nice as it was, the chateau we were trying out (P, the resident ghost, et moi) turned out to be more shabby than chic!
So back to the drawing board on that one, with another trip coming up... a designer's life is a hard one!  :)

We'll be opening registration for the tour on Saturday. As all else is in place and the priority list is bulging at the seams, we decided to take the plunge as people seem keen to make plans for next year.  Suffice to say we have booked a new and gorgeous chateau subject to our next visit. This tour will be a tad off piste from our usual accommodation as we're not staying in a hotel.  Of course we've made sure that all the usual comforts are there, but inevitably some rooms are going to be better than others in term…