Super sweet Blogger Award

I'm thrilled to have been nominated for the Super Sweet Blogger Award by Linda Marveng! All I have to do to accept it, is to nominate 12 other Super Sweet Blogs and answer 5 simple questions about myself:
1. Cookies or cake? Sadly, as I'm currently on the candida diet till further notice, neither of these have passed my lips since January.  That's not to say that I don't look forward to to time when I can eat puddings again with impunity, so I would have to say cake, cake, cake for me, especially chocolate, carrot and lemon drizzle cakes, the only biscuits I'm really keen on are McVitie's plain digestives.
2. Chocolate or vanilla? For flavourings I ♥ chocolate and I ♥ vanilla, and most times it's horses for courses, depending on the recipe. But if I absolutely had to choose, it has to be chocolate. Only the dark stuff mind, with a high cocoa content. I've never had a really sweet tooth, so it's the  chocolate hit that does it for me, as opposed  to some milk chocolates that just taste of sugar.  Also as far as I know you can't make a drink from vanilla. 
3. Favorite sweet treat? Gotta be Betty's handmade truffles made with rare wild cocoa beans from Bolivia.

4. When do you get hit with cravings? Having been on this evil diet for the past five months, one good thing is I rarely get cravings. But if I do, it's when I'm deep into pattern-writing and there's something I'm having a problem with - then my mind starts to wander to food. I usually find a quick foray in the kitchen clears the brain and helps solve the issue.
5. Sweet Nickname? My four small grandchildren call me Gigi, which is the sweetest name I can think of.
And so to my 12 nominations, in no particular order:
8  Needled


  1. Thank you, Jean! It is great to hear about your sweets, even though they are banned at the moment! I have been on the candida diet myself and felt better for it. Now, I am still careful but can eat sweets again! I am looking forward to checking out your nominations!


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