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Accidents will happen!*!*!

Can't believe I can be so stupid. Here I am typing with my left hand, with my right arm in a cast from elbow to fingers. When I arrived at A&E a couple of days ago, the receptionist took my details, then asked how I'd acquired the injury. I told her I was entertaining my grand-daughters with a Stage 2 circus toy, meant to train you up for riding a unicycle, which was duly met with fits of laughter and 'That'll teach you'.
I've always been fairly confident on the Stage 1 version of the toy, which has four wheels, but I'd never been any good on the next one, which has two wheels and is higher off the ground. I'll never know why on this particular day I thought I'd be any better. Isabella was holding my hand and I did manage to do about one and a half rotations before coming a complete cropper when the blasted thing shot forward shooting my legs up in the air with my derriere ignominiously crashing down with a thump on the stone flags.
I was too sh…

Serpent in my Sun

I've been playing lots of music recently and revisiting some of my old songs. This one has always been a favourite as it's the only song I wrote about my father. Previously I've written lots on my blog about my difficult relationship with my mother, but never mentioned my father, who left when I was fourteen.

I didn't realise how angry I felt with him until I wrote this song twenty years later. When I've played it in the past some people have asked me if it's about abuse, but this was never on my mind. Rather it's about being abandoned by the person you love most of all in the world, the person you think will always be there for you, and coping with the subsequent feelings of betrayal.

So here's the song with the lyrics, see what you think:


Come On Back

So excited, I've written a new song. Doesn't happen very often, but this one just started to write itself in the car coming back from Wales - must have been all the musical inspiration at Philip's party! I quickly got my phone and wrote down the words and when we got back to York the tune just seemed to fall into place too - maybe some songs are just meant to be.

This morning I recorded it on my ipad, and although it may need polishing up a bit, I'm interested to hear your thoughts so please have a listen and leave some feedback.

Here are the lyrics:


Who’ll blow out the candles
Keep the wood stove burning bright
Be the first to say I’m sorry
After fighting half the night?

Come on back, come on back
Let me love you if you can
Come on back, come on back
You’re my best friend, you’re my man
So come on back.

Who’ll pick up the pieces when
Strong words cut to the bone
Who’ll be there to hold me tight
When I’m feeling all alone?


Who will bring me flowers
To chee…

Philip's birthday party in Wales

Just spent the past ten days in Wales, celebrating the solstice and Philip's birthday. We had a few glorious days of warm, dry weather, when it was great to get out into the garden, strimming, weeding and cutting back the jungle which tends to take over if you take your eyes off it for a second, let alone a couple of weeks.  It feels so good at this time of year to be able to sit outside watching the sun go down late into the evening. Of course, there are the dreaded midges, the no-see-ums that can make life hell. A constant war has to be waged to keep them at bay at this time of year, and no less than a combination of smokey fires, citronella candles and midge repellant slathered across every piece of uncovered skin will deter them.  We've even resorted to taking vitamin B1 as I've heard that thiamine is a good natural repellant... but even then I have to accept that a few of them will always get me in the end.

However, the majority of the time we were there, it was just…