Come On Back

So excited, I've written a new song. Doesn't happen very often, but this one just started to write itself in the car coming back from Wales - must have been all the musical inspiration at Philip's party! I quickly got my phone and wrote down the words and when we got back to York the tune just seemed to fall into place too - maybe some songs are just meant to be.

This morning I recorded it on my ipad, and although it may need polishing up a bit, I'm interested to hear your thoughts so please have a listen and leave some feedback.

Here are the lyrics:


Who’ll blow out the candles
Keep the wood stove burning bright
Be the first to say I’m sorry
After fighting half the night?

Come on back, come on back
Let me love you if you can
Come on back, come on back
You’re my best friend, you’re my man
So come on back.

Who’ll pick up the pieces when
Strong words cut to the bone
Who’ll be there to hold me tight
When I’m feeling all alone?


Who will bring me flowers
To cheer me when I’m low
Who will say I love you,
You’re beautiful, you know?
Sometimes it’s so hard to see
What you value most
Until it’s gone and all that’s left
Is a memory, a ghost.


Some say there’s none so blind
As those who will not see
Who walk through life’s forest
Without seeing a single tree.
I didn’t hear the ticking clock
I let the grain of sand
Slip through my fingers when it was
Right there in my own hand.
 © Jean Moss 2013

The last song I wrote was nearly two years ago, so I'm overjoyed to be in the groove again.


  1. Dear Jean, I say it again: you are multitalented! Now you are "feeling groovy" like Simon and Garfunkel, and you are playing the guitar like a young Don McLean! Lovely song with words worth reflecting of!
    Hilde in Norway

    1. Glad you like the song, Hilde, you're very kind, thank you!

  2. Jean , I love your song ! One day we will play together , as we are both so knitterly, countryside musicians. :) You're looking great, having the time of your life it seems. You're amazing.

    So I have been very distracted and not very bloggy these days. I gather so much inspiration from others' blogs, and to not read 'em just makes me feel more isolated than I already am. So, I'll 'come on back' :)

  3. Wow Jean, you were inspired. It's lovely, beautiful words.

  4. Moved me to tears. Thank you for sharing.


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