Serpent in my Sun

I've been playing lots of music recently and revisiting some of my old songs. This one has always been a favourite as it's the only song I wrote about my father. Previously I've written lots on my blog about my difficult relationship with my mother, but never mentioned my father, who left when I was fourteen.

I didn't realise how angry I felt with him until I wrote this song twenty years later. When I've played it in the past some people have asked me if it's about abuse, but this was never on my mind. Rather it's about being abandoned by the person you love most of all in the world, the person you think will always be there for you, and coping with the subsequent feelings of betrayal.

So here's the song with the lyrics, see what you think:


My father he was a friend of mine
He said daughter I love you a lot
You’ve got a lot to see and a lot to learn
I’m gonna give you everything that I’ve got
I’m gonna give you the moon and I’ll tell you soon
I’m gonna bring all the mountains to you
But the mist came down on the mountain
And it broke the circle in two

I don’t want your serpent in my sun

So I went over to Alaska
Just to try and find something new
And the seeds were sown and the horn was blown
And the climate of the land was fresh as dew
The seasons flew and the seedlings grew
And the steps in the snow were all gone
But a woman needs a friend indeed
Not a serpent in her sun

They tell me life is a jewel
That we swim in a sapphire sea
And it’s not that hard to believe them
For I always was a child of fantasy
And the gypsy says there’ll be a day
When along will come something or someone
Who won’t stand between you and the morning
Won’t be a serpent in your sun

My father he was a friend of mine
He said daughter I like you a lot
© Jean Moss 2013


  1. Oh wow Jean, this is very cathartic I can be sure, to write and post. I empathise somewhat, having a father who was absent a lot in mine too. But sing on, you write gripping songs and I am cheering from the audience, in my usual just-to-the left, about 3 rows back. :)
    Hugs & x's

  2. really very nice, thanks for telling us and for writing. joan hall


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